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TWS Ulysse Pauillac



Nope, sorry. Checking my records it appears I’ve drunk the '12 Ulysse (“bursting with flavour”) but have yet to drink the Exhibition Pauillac!


Just had an email from another company promoting 2015 L’Expression de Pauillac, Ulysse Cazabonne

Hopefully we will soon be able to buy this here as think the 2015 will be very enjoyable.


It’s one of those ones you have to keep an eye out for as when they do come in they tend to go quite quickly!


and this one - https://twitter.com/gavinquinney/status/1161950235951849477?s=21

from the Sunday times wine club - St Estephe origin for this


Best price for that in the UK that I can find outside of the Sunday Times Wine Club is Laithwaites but they are £30/bottle or £27 if you ‘mix 12’. Probably still a good price mind.

But I have plenty of Bordeaux just now I really don’t need any more!


when has need ever come into wine buying ?!


I think Sunday Times Wine Club and Laithwaites are basically the same, aren’t they?


Yes that’s what I thought but the Laithwaites price was over twice the price of the Sunday Times Wine Club price.




As an ex employee of STWC/Laithwaites. Exactly the same business run from same office. Offers can be different so worth checking out which has better price.