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TWS Ulysse Pauillac

Iv’e just bought one bottle to try if I like it I will order more thanks all for the tip.

I’ve an 11 il open soon

Just to manage expectations, there may be none left by tomorrow night :joy: stock is rather low

Two ordered as I have some of the 2016 and can start a vertical.


Now OOS, so very few bottles indeed!

How much did they cost, might I ask? Interested as I bought 3 or 4 at the end of 2019, so wondering how TWS storage costs might compare to the price now. But assuming you could get them now, that is - all gone within 6 hours . . .

They were £23 which was the same price as when I purchased, also in 2019.


Interesting, thanks. Mine are stored down below at home, so no additional cost over the last couple of years, but good for those who got them this time. I already have enough, fortunately.


I bought one yesterday and will try and put it aside for christmas, had a feeling it would sell out. At the same price they originally sold at with a few years extra age its a bargain.