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TWS Ulysse Pauillac

Last I looked it was still on ‘due in’ but now it’s already sold out. I wonder if we’re going to be on the same roller coaster of instock-outofstock-instock-outofstock… that we have seen before with this one!

I’d say that’s a certainly. At least, I hope it is because despite flagging it here I didn’t get round to pouching any…

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Me neither!

Never fear! It’s not sold out - there’s been a short delay on the wine arriving so we’ve taken it off sale temporarily until it reaches us. Should be back later this month. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps you need a different message? I saw sold out, and would not have checked again.


Agreed. Something like “Awaiting Stock” would be helpful, no need to commit to a definite “Due in on” date.


That would be so useful on any wines planned for the future. But I guess doing it too thoroughly might be disclosing rather too much commercially sensitive information. Also possibly plays into the hands of flippers. Hmmm difficult one!

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