TWS Turns 150

During today’s lunchtime session with the TWS Director of Wine @PierreM, he made the suggestion that this community should start bashing our heads together and come up with some suggestions for how TWS can celebrate turning 150 years old in 2024.

I appreciate that it is 4 years away, but given the long timescales the wine industry works with - we are already aware of at least one ongoing initiative in New Zealand - it might be a good idea to get cracking straight away.

So, what do you think? Should every active member get a ‘dividend’ (150 year-old bottle of Madeira is one reasonable suggestion)? Should there be a massive party? Should there be a selection of mixed anniversary cases? Limited edition special releases?

Ideas below please, I’m sure we can come up with something that’s not utterly ridiculous / unworkable / expensive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not strictly sure I believe you!


You’re probably correct. I can’t think of anything outside these categories, but that’s why I’ve opened the question out to the wider community.

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Did someone say PARTY!???


150th anniversary official wine society top trumps pack!


Or we get Mr Wine himself, Joe from the wine show to chair a special wine question time discussion, live at the royal albert hall with The Who, Pink Floyd, Bananarama and Busted all playing guest slots


A return to offering good, not average, wines at the AGM? Especially as there probably won’t be one this year, so you can bank a year’s worth for the future.


:joy: Busted! Now that takes me back…

I’d love a big party! As we’re all so spread out maybe we can do a big 150th Street Party campaign for members all over the UK… :wink:

In all seriousness, I am LOVING the thought of a Community-sourced idea for some 150th celebrations - keep the ideas coming! :heart:


Unless you think we should hold out for McFly?


Is it even a REAL party if we don’t have both?! :wink:

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A special label celebrating the 150th. I’d suggest on a NV fizz (as a vintage that wasn’t 2024 would confuse, and it would be synchronicity for it to be made by Gratien & Meyer as they are long time suppliers to TWS and were founded in the same year as TWS so it’s their 150th anniversary as well.

Also an enamel badge with a TWS 150 logo for members to wear.


You will not like my suggestion

We have no money to be able to give every member, a tangible gift.
Say 150,000 active members, even something that has a £7 cost is, One Million Pounds!! :open_mouth:
We still have to pay off the “pension deficit.” :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
We have to find the funds to buy our new, super duper, temperature controlled, state of the art automated and future proof, warehouse.
The IT devices that Customer Services & Staff require upgrading, that will be expensive.
If the Membership are in line for “something,” then surely it should be those who have been supporting the Society the longest. Say 30+ years!!! :wink: Not some Jonny come lately?
Whatever is proposed, there should be a cut off date, not to make imminent membership - cost effective.

Maybe a number of draws, for eligible members

Places at a 150 year Celebration Dinner with special guests.
Trips with Buyers. Maybe, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, Barolo, Sussex lol and an Antipodean Adventure. Or maybe just one bus tour of Champagne for 20 couples.
A draw for 3 bottle cases from the Members Favourite Region of TO-DIE-FOR WINES. No clues to content! Cellarage included.?% lol
Special tours of the Society on a working day. So Customer Services, the Shop, the Warehouse and a picnic lunch in amongst it all!
Ultra Special Tasting Dinners.
Gift memberships.


What were the original wines they sold, and could they do a mixed case (12) of The Society’s own label based on them? Or even original producers if they still exist (and are affordable)?

(Obviously not the original 150 year old bottles, although thinking about it…?)


It’s all about Wine (It’s about Wine)
It’s all about Wine baby (It’s all about)
It’s all about Wine (It’s about Wine)
It’s all about Wine


You’re correct, I don’t like your ideas…I love them.

This barrage of ideas has sparked a solitary one of my own. Tasting team to organise a “Greatest Hits of TWS” tasting event. A tasting of all the long- standing wine society growers to tour the country for the entire year …Ok I’m getting carried away but you get the idea.


stick another 150 people into the 308 club…that will go down well I’m sure :wink:


How about a variation on the vintage cellar plan? Pay £15 a month for the next 4 years and then get a “celebration” case of exceptional wines that is especially chosen by the buyers? That would build up a budget of £720 - or £60 a bottle. And give the buyers the chance to do some amazing deals with long standing suppliers and/or hunt out hidden gems - perhaps even special bottlings. Only guide to the buyers being that wines should be in drinking window in 2024 so we can celebrate in style.

I think most members wouldn’t notice £15 a month - and £60 a bottle wines are probably not what we’d buy often. So something very special.


Ooooh! That’s my favourite idea so far. I’d subscribe to this tomorrow.


All great ideas @Taffy-on-Tour, I wasn’t really expecting any kind of gift, just ways for us to mark the occasion in classic TWS style.

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Definitely not! Maybe Jane Parkinson, great personality, warmth, funny and knowledgeable…oh! and also female :wink:.

Great ideas as are your others @Taffy-on-Tour!