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#TWS Taste [29th March]: Off The Beaten Track



Join us for our next #twstaste virtual tasting event as we go Off The Beaten Track and try a couple of hidden treasures! :heart_eyes:

March virtual tasting, Thursday 29th March, 8-9pm

Have a read of this topic about TWS Taste if you want to know more about the format and read through our last tasting (it was a good one!)

This time, taking place at the later time of 8-9pm (the people have spoken!), we’ll be tasting these two lesser-known wines from the Off The Beaten Track offer:


EDIT: we have run out of stock of the 2015, so if you don’t already have a bottle, please buy the 2014 vintage and we will compare the two during the tasting - more details:


Who’s up for taking part this time? :smiley: Leave us a comment if you are, and don’t forget to pop the wines on your next order so they can arrive before 29th March. Join the new TWS Taste group to get a helpful reminder notification.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there! :clinking_glasses:

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Word of caution: these two wines are not (currently) in the mixed 12 case for this offer.

The vintage of the Black Kalavryta in the case is the existing 2016, but since that used up the existing stock, we’ve decided to select the 2017 vintage which is what will be available for the next few months.

Also, with the recent conversations about Georgia and some skin-contact wines we thought it would be fun to taste the Mtsvane, but unfortunately this was not in the mixed offer (though it is in the mixed whites case).

So, with almost three weeks before the tasting, we hope you fund an occasion to add these bottles to your own mixed selection from the offer or from the general list.

Happy shopping!


I just snuck these two in to my Friday delivery… this Georgian wine is going to test some deep ingrained preconceptions, but promise to keep an open mind


Sorry that I’ll be away then, but let me put in a recommendation of the Mtsvane now.


Sorry to hear that! Feel free to add to the #TWS Taste topic at a later date if you want to add your thoughts on the wines (especially if you’re already familiar with the Mtsvane!)


I’m planning to take part this time and have added these to my next order. Just noticed that it’s the day before Good Friday too - excellent!


Unfortunately I won’t be able to take part in this tasting, as won’t be in :frowning: but thumbs up for the Mtsvane from me, as had it last weekend and really enjoyed it! :+1:


We will try to take part. We get back from a few days in Berlin that evening.


I’ll pop these in and I have a feeling the OH may be home from olffshore so he can join in too :+1:


I saw that and was glad to see the report. I’ve had a past vintage of this wine but not tried it recently so looking forward to this.

Has everyone put in their orders? It is also a chance to fill up a case of other wines suggested here that might be ‘cluttering up’ your wishlist :slight_smile:


We are intending popping in for a taste.


Excellent tohear, @AlanBD! :smiley:

Any other takers? Just wondered if we have some lurkers out there who haven’t worked out if they’re free yet:

  • Definitely attending
  • Thinking about it
  • Can’t make it this time

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I’d love to take part in one of these but we fly off to Australia this Thursday and not back until end of April so will miss that one too unless we happen to have the wine in the house. Looking forward to joining one later in the year.


Just wanted to add, while we’re on the topic of Off The Beaten Track, that I sampled this Greek wine from the offer last night (practising for the tasting, obvz) and it’s marvellous:

So exotic and floral and fragrant, and a lighter(ish) option too at 12% which just makes it all the more delicate . It was so easy to drink on its own (a lovely pre-dinner wine) but I can imagine it would be gorgeous with some lightly spiced foods (Thai chicken maybe) or with some sharing plates of Greek meze.

What a gem from Greece - even more excited about this tasting now! :smiley:


Wine should have been delivered today but since it was a FedEx delivery had the usual incompetence and it was not delivered. Tracking website gives the impression a card was left, but slightly strange since I was in all day and there are instructions to leave in the Greenhouse if we are not in. Also no card to be seen. This happened last time I had a FedEx delivery. Why do they lie? Normally use the Wine Society van and they are brilliant but unfortunately the next delivery was after the tasting. Will use the collect at shop option next time - anything but FedEx.


FedEx left a £120 bottle at the hotel opposite my work today despite the label clearly giving the correct arlddress. I never use them if I can help it, utterly useless.


Really sorry to hear this, @Croquetchris and @tom - that’s not good at all! :frowning: FedEx generally have really high service levels which is one of the reasons we use them but we do record all issues - have you let Member Services know about this so they can log it and make sure the right people see it? Plus, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help investigate/monitor this delivery issue for you and make sure you get your wine in plenty of time! They’re open until 5 today and then from 8am on Monday, if that helps.

Also, thanks for the reminder to actually order the wines! D’oh, haven’t got around to doing that yet - will do on Monday! :see_no_evil:


This wasn’t a WS delivery thankfully, I usually choose the society van, but not the first time I’ve had problems with that carrier.


Both bottles ordered. Am also trying out the “collect from local store” option for the first time as I can’t guarantee to be around for a delivery.


Good news FedEx finally delivered the case at 1715 today.