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#TWS Taste [22nd February]: Where's the Value?



The first online tasting of 2018 will look to try some wines from some slightly more unusual locations that nevertheless have gathered a number of fans and deserve some more attention.

February Virtual Tasting, 7-8pm, 22nd Feb 2018

Read ‘Community Tasting Events Schedule’ for more information about the event and how to take part

The two wines are selected from the current “Where’s the Value” case that encourages us to try something new in 2018. You can buy these wines individually or get hold of the mixed case and let us know what else stood out for you.

Leave a comment to let us know if you think you will take part, and don’t forget to join the new TWS Taste group to get a helpful reminder notification

Weekend Drinking Thread [24 Feb]

Just ordered these - looking forward to the tasting.


Two very good choices - these were two of the three I would have been happy to be on the list…the other one was the Austrian Riesling.

I am not sure if I will be able to take part as may be in London on business on 22nd but may have to order them just in case… :slight_smile:


Will order them at the weekend.


I hope everyone has planned their wine deliveries to arrive on time for this event? Mine arrives tomorrow (and will include several other wines suggested by you lovely people)



Mine arrived at the weekend, with the @szaki1974 introduction to rhone case. Looking forward to it.


Mine arrive on Friday with the Ghislaine Barthod bourgogne rouge, the l’Orangerie Cabernet Franc and a few bottles of Rhone wines of either colour from the current selection.


I have mine - all set!


Unfortunately already booked another event that night. Hope it all goes well.


Just picked up my bottles from the showroom.
Fingers crossed get home from work on time Thursday.


I have mine , ready and waiting :wink:


Thought the Slovenian white was for tonight with the Vietnamese stuff? Or maybe more than one bottle??


I have more than 1 . I tasted Gruner, the Slovenian white and the Ezelwicker and the Ezelwicker came out the best :wink:


Alsace usually wins!


V excited about this - esp the Slovenian white! Any last-minute takers? Think for most of the UK there’s still time to get the wines delivered… :smiley:


I’ve almost opened both the bottles accidentally since they arrived last week, so I’m really looking forward to this too


Have these twstaste wines ever been made available as a case on their own? I know it’s not that hard to order two wines but still, every click counts :wink:


Alas I’ll have to give this one a miss. I was intending to join for the first part, as I happened to have ordered a bottle of the Slovenian white a few weeks ago, but wasn’t going to be putting an order together in time to pick up the Touraine. However, I am absolutely full of cold today, and can’t really taste anything! I’ll save the Slovenian for another day. Have fun though!


Sorry to hear that - having a cold is one thing, but interfering in the enjoyment of wine is OUTRAGEOUS!

You can always read the comments before you get to open your bottle and leave us your thoughts after the fact as the conversation stays on the site.

Hope you feel better soon


Yeah, that’s the plan - I’ll still sort of take part, just possibly a week after everyone else!