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#TWS Taste [18 Oct 2017]; The Wolf Pack



Welcome to the TWS Taste conversation and tasting. These are occasional social events where members of The Society’s Community get together to share wines in a ‘virtual tasting’.

We will be tasting a couple of wines together and exchanging views, tasting notes, food matches and amusing Wolf anecdotes. If you have the wines, please join in. If you don’t have them, read on and buy them, and you can still leave a comment to continue the conversation in future.

The wines tasted were (click on the threads to read the reactions to each wine):

The Wolftrap 2016
Christmas Virtual Tasting #TWS Taste [29 November, 2017]
Painted Wolf 'Peloton Blanc' 2014
Raising a glass, together

A chill in the air… two wolf-adorned bottles on the table… it’s almost as if…


Calling all tasters!

The tasting is about to begin:



Joy and Alan Present


I’m ready for take-off! :wine_glass:


Welcome everyone, to the latest installment of #TWStaste - now we’ve switched from Twitter to the Community we’re hoping for something just as fun, just as informative, just as participative and more easily digestible. Here’s to that. DO we have our bottles in front of us?


yes we do have; open and poured


First up is the white wine - Painted Wolf ‘Peloton’ Blanc, Coastal 2014


Yes opened in South Wales


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Painted Wolf 'Peloton Blanc' 2014

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Arriving late to the party… starting with the red


So what were your impressions? And more importantly, which wine was your favourite?

Tasting wines together like this is always so much fun because it makes you think more carefully about what you are tasting, yet you can do so at home, in comfort and share it with others keen to explore the wines at the same time.
So - TIME TO VOTE - what was your favourite wine of the night?

  • Painted Wolf - Peloton Blanc 2014
  • The Wolftrap 2016

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I look forward to many more such tastings together in future.


The tasting was more coherent than on Twitter but missing a lot of people that have done it over the last few years. Keen to try the next two wines. Well done to the organisers.


Thanks so much, everyone, for joining in. I’m just getting used to typing / cutting / pasting more than 140 characters at a time, given we had 2 years on Twitter. Hopefully we’ll see you all again the next time (there will be one before Christmas, so watch this space for announcements). So it’s good night from me …


And … it’s good night from him

… I’m done :slight_smile:


I feel bad for the Painted Wolf now…

It was a tough choice for me. I like both wines quite a lot. Neither are the kind of thing I’d pick out when putting an order together but I think the Wolftrap was just a notch above.


Thanks so much everyone for taking part - it was my first ever #TWSTaste and I’m already looking forward to the next one. :smiley: