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TWS Summer Press Tasting - A Second Opinion



With the shudder still running down my spine from the fino:

Country Year Name TWS Description Tasting Note Price £ TWS Ref
France NV Crémant du Jura Domaine de Montbourgeau Crisp, light and bone-dry sparkler from Jura. A perfect aperitif, 100% chardonnay, made without dosage. This washed the taste of the English channel out of my mouth. Delightfully crisp. Crisp & nuts. Apples & pears. Perfect balance of acidity & sugar. 14.50 SG1651
Germany 2017 Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt An attractive, citrusy textbook Saar riesling from the excellent, steep and south-facing Herrenberg vineyard in the village of Niedermennig. Very sweet on palate and I didn’t get any discernible trademark petrol odour. Honey. Lemsip. 11.50 GE12361
France 2018 Corent Côtes d’Auvergne, Saint-Verny Corent, in the Auvergne, is one of the few appellations that is rosé only. It is a hillside vineyard and points in all directions, including north and is famous for its dry, full-flavoured, onion-skin rosés that go so well with food. Lovely smell. A little grippy on the teeth after the sweetness of the riesling. Something herbaceous, strawberry leaves? Foil for another vegetarian summer barbecue perhaps? 9.50 FC36561
France 2018 Domaine Alzipratu Fiumesecco Rosé, Ile de Beauté Gorgeous, fruity, expressive Corsican rosé made from the local sciaccarellu grape with a little grenache. Red mullet is a perfect match. Lighter, fresher, lively and fruity. Fillet-o-fish. I think I might order some of this. 14.50 FC36511
France 2018 Domaine Les Mesclances, Charmes, IGP Méditerranée Rosé Delightful Provençal blend of cinsault, grenache and a little of the local tibouren grape. Delicious on its own or with a salade niçoise. Horrible label, but never judge a book by its cover. Smells of the garden in summer. Herbs. Petals. Grill something. Ewan brought us a new spitoon at this point, as splashback was starting to become a bit of a worry…(shudder) 8.50 FC36661
France 2017 Ventoux Les Traverses, Paul Jaboulet Aîné This full-flavoured Rhône from the ripe 2017 vintage is made mainly from grenache with small amounts of other varieties including syrah. Cool breezes coming off the mountain give this an attractive and juicy fruit flavour. Really like how this smells! Mashed berries. Peppery. 8.50 RH51301
France 2016 Duché d’Uzès, Les Perrasières, Domaine Camp Galhan From the fringes of the Cévennes, this is a fresh, fruity grenache-syrah blend that benefits from the cooling hill breezes and offers red fruit flavours with elegance. Smokey sausage on the nose. Garlic. Starting to feel the pressure of running out of time. 10.50 RH53371
France 2011 Massif d’Uchaux, Vieilles Vignes, Château de Saint Estève This is the top wine from one of the great estates in the southern Rhône. Full-bodied, rich and dark with the flavours of spice and dried fig. Age showing through. Great. The spice must flow. Figuratively speaking. 14.95 RH40741
France 2018 Côtes du Roussillon Villages Lesquerde, SCV Vignobles d’Agly Single-village Roussillon from low-yielding vines grown at over 1,000 feet, this has dark fruit, grip and great depth of flavour. I have witnessed a man spit four feet. Not a drop wasted. Brighter cherries, very drying in the mouth. Maybe that’s how he does it because your whole mouth has to contract around this one… 8.50 FC36501
France 2016 Domaine Gauby, Les Calcinaires Rouge, Côtes Catalanes Gérard Gauby’s reds have concentration without ever being heavy. The secret is old vines, mostly carignan and grenache, and very low yields on poor soils. There is a sense of fresh red fruit in 2016. Serve cool. Raspberry, rhubarb, something peppery again. Really like it, very smooth, but needs a filter as contains a tonne of natural sediment. I’d buy this! 17.00 FC35321
France 2016 Collioure Rouge, Domaine Augustin Vibrant, deliciously fruity and full grenache from young vines behind Banyuls and Collioure. Smashing. I’d buy this too, losing the will… (that’s all I wrote, sorry!) 18.00 FC36351


To write tasting notes?! :rofl:


Huge thanks to @Cormski for the wonderfully informative notes of the wines on offer. As per @leah, my wishlist is now overflowing too. And a new fine wine list imminent too, oh dear.


Yes - just that though. I was feeling so rushed at that point! You saw me at lunch; I like to contemplate my wine, and form a stable relationship with it - I was never one for speed-dating!

Such a great day all round though!

Just one more table to go!!!


Frank Sinatra says it best…

Country Year Name TWS Description Tasting Note Price £ TWS Ref
Spain 2018 Pepe Mendoza Moscatel Macabeo Airen, Alicante A fragrant, unoaked southern Spanish white which combines the grapy, herby delights of moscatel with the softness of macabeo and the gentleness of airen. Unusual blend, pale white, fairly light, young, aromatic stone fruit, and floral notes. Should really have started the day with this one, quite lovely (an adjective which it’s hard not to overuse!). Perhaps that’s why this was Table 1… 11.75 SP14961
Spain 2018 Auzells, Costers del Segre Tomàs Cusiné’s innovative Spanish white is made from a mix of macabeu, albariño, chardonnay, sauvignon and riesling. Aromatic, fresh and juicy with soft texture and peachy flavour. Drink this year and next. Beautiful label, another quite delightful young wine, not quite as light bodied as the previous one, sun-bleached straw, and also not as fragrant, even if by this time we are literally pouring, swirling, sniffing, necking, gargling, and spitting… seems good value. Nectarine, zest, lovely and fresh. Unpretentious. Tom loves it. One for the wishlist. 11.50 SP14601
Spain 2018 Modus Vivendi Treixadura Albariño Loureira, Ribeiro This delicate Spanish white from grapes grown in Ribeiro in north west Spain is gentle, fruity, soft and easy drinking Another interesting label (love all things bike related). Nothing particularly expressive about it. Very similar to the last one, and pleasant in every respect. Can’t fault the description. No particular hook to embellish it either… very light in colour. Nice mouthfeel. Bite of apple? 9.50 SP14851
Spain 2018 The Society’s Exhibition Albariño, Rías Baixas A pristine example of Spanish albariño from the country’s best region for the grape, Rías Baixas. This dry, unoaked wine has whistle-clean lemony fruit and is an excellent expression of modern Spanish white. Again, very similar to last two on the nose, a little peach, lemon zest and flowers, but nicer on the tongue, almost (but not quite) slightly fizzing, like a shadow of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (salts). Like it! Bang for buck? 14.50 SP14671
Spain 2017 Contino Blanco, Rioja Without doubt Contino’s finest vintage for the white Rioja they have been fine tuning since it’s first release a decade ago. This is elegant, floral and beautifully textured. Pleasantly surprised by this. More forceful body than others on table, and a touch of oak (missing from the others). Nuts. Silky. I want this! 20.00 SP14871
Spain 2017 Salvaje del Moncayo Garnacha Abundantly fruity, fragrant Spanish red which is soft, rich and satisfying but not heavy. This has the attractive red-berry flavour that makes garnacha such an appealing grape. Pretty label, cross-section of deep rooted vine under a blue sky. Archetypal garnacha/grenache. Medium body. Soft, fresh and fruity with a thin veneer of oak. Quite alcoholic, but not oppressive. Barbecue time again! 8.50 SP14781
Spain 2017 Pepe Mendoza El Veneno Monastrell, Alicante A rising star fine wine from southern Spain, made from monastrell, this is carefully crafted by Pepe Mendoza and his family in Alicante. Wonderfully scented, elegant and smooth with delightful flavours of Mediterranean herbs and blackberry fruit. Just 9000 bottles made. Smells heavenly. Savoury. Blackberry. Medium body. Lovely in the mouth. Punchy alcohol. Buy. Buy. Buy. (If only I wasn’t trying to not spend any more money on wine right now!) 22.00 SP14981
Spain 2012 Gomez Cruzado Reserva, Rioja A century-old bodega, undergoing a resurgence under new ownership, makes this proper, traditional-style reserva. The wine is aged in barrel and then in bottle until leathery, fleshy and elegant. Slightly woody, earthy, full bodied, ruby coloured, leggy. Nice in the mouth and don’t feel overwhelmed by tannins. Fairly typical? I’d buy this. Tom less enamoured. 17.00 SP14791
Spain 2015 Gomez Cruzado Cerro Las Cuevas Rioja A rare, single-varietal bottling of tempranillo from a vineyard lying at 700 metres altitude in the northern part of the Alta district. This is the most Atlantic-influenced part of Rioja which, combined with the high altitude, results in an intense, exquisite red balanced by wonderful acidity and freshness. Modern-style Rioja in its finest form. The sort of wine that throws its head back and laughs outrageously loudly at its own jokes . Relatively pricey, but might take a punt and squirrel away for a while. Grippy tannins. Drum tobacco. Black cherry. Not too dark. Chubby-medium body. Not full fat. 32.00 SP14691
Spain 2016 El Pacto Crianza, Rioja A stylish and rich organic red which balances modern Rioja winemaking (using French oak) with the smoothness of the traditional style. The result is a creamy, full-bodied and spicy joy. Drink this year and next. Oakey and nice. Fired brick red. Toasty note. Fuller side of medium bodied, spicy fruits of the forest. Long finish. Have it with a slab of manchego. Pretty good vfm IMHO. 11.50 SP14581
Spain 2009 Bohórquez, Ribera del Duero This small property has a prime location just next door to one of Ribera del Duero’s famous estates. Bóhorquez makes an elegant, stylish expression and the fully mature 2009 has hints of tobacco spice and plums which last and last on the finish. Really tastes of grapes! Not even joking. My tongue may be hallucinating. We have reached peak wine! This is the last one. I would order it. Vanilla. Oak. Dark fruit. Dark appearance. Not picking up plum, but finish is long. One to savour… 20.00 SP14251


Thanks Cormski,

Great notes, very useful to advance my wine spend to terrible levels!

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves


I feel the same way! So many more wines I now want to buy, it was eye opening… we tasted nearly 5% of the list in one short day!

I’d love to do a TWS “Ultra-Marathon” Press Tasting… and do another 25%