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TWS sourced wines that are definitely in original wooden case (OWC) - WIKI



Given the fascination with wooden cases, I thought it would be a good idea to start a WIKI of wines that come in OWC when purchased from TWS. As it is a WIKI, feel free to edit this post to add the wines that you have confirmed are in OWC through delivery or other means…

Vintage Name Nr Bottles
2015 Clos Floridene Rouge 6
2010 Vinsobres Clos des Echalas - Jaume 6
2008 Unico - Vega Sicilia 3
2014 Jaboulet Aine - Mule Blanche 6
2009 Ch. Angludet 6
2015 Château Ampélia 12

Pictures of OWC's
Pictures of OWC's

Excellent idea @szaki1974!


Think ive done this ok…