TWS Something Stange

I have been a member of TWS for many many years and have a large number of wines in my reserves. What I do is buy a few bottles and if I like them buy a case. But lately something strange is going on. In the past ten days I have bourght a Douro 2018 a Kunstler Spatbergunder 2019 a Chianti Selvapiana 2020 and a Chianti Colli Senesi 2021. To say nothing of some wines I have purchased over the last few months. When I go to order more they all say no longer available. I cannot remember over the last twenty years or so this happening so much any clues as to why.

Potentially, the member database is much greater than you remember it years ago and there are fewer bottles to go around to satisfy orders.

Thank you good thinking you are right. By the way the Kunstler Trad Spatbergunder was just amazing hope it comes back on the list.

I hope you didn’t make the mistake of recommending them here before you stocked up.


All sold out before I had a chance sadly.

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Many possible reasons. TWS is much bigger now, more members so stuff sells out quicker. They carry less stock of a wider number of wines (2500 is the number I’ve been given on size of range across a year). The free delivery on any sized orders means people snap up what they fancy quicker. Many other possible reasons including you just got unlucky or these happened to be especially small parcels.

What you really need is an answer from TWS…

You clearly know your wine, and are interested in quality wine made in small to medium sized vineyards.

TWS have a LOT of members, who likewise have a similar interest.

It is as simple as that, no wonder the wines sell out soon - which is a very good sign. The trick is either to ‘buy before you try’ or to spread your wings and see what other small parcel wines are available.


Thank you all for your kind replys.