TWS Reserve

I have quite a bit of wine in reserve. To make up a case can I buy 2x3 and also when it comes to withdrawing bottles what is the minuim amout of bottles I can take from a case.

Yes and one.

As long as you are prepared to i on at £10 extra.

Just to clarify, if you make up your own mixed case (of 6 or 12), I understand that you cannot withdraw individual bottles from that mixed case - you can only withdraw mixed cases in their entirety.


Yes - I’m pretty certain this is the case now. Got caught out by this as it was possible for a while,but then they changed the policy back again. Annoying as I have a couple of mixed cases of 12 that I would not have put in reserves otherwise.

I now usually only store mixed 6 packs - and make sure drinking windows are broadly similar for the wines within.

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If the wine comes in a 12-case, and you put 6 in reserves, you can still take them out individually rather than as a whole case. So if you have two wines that you want 6 each of (and they don’t come in a 6-case), then it might be better doing two separate orders.