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TWS Online Questionnaire - see if there is any other way to answer this question

Just did online TWS questionnaire that I was asked to do. Should just take 10 minutes it misleadingly said, then asked by percentage shops that supplied wine consumed over past 6 weeks.

Anyway was asked if I agree or disagree with this: I spend more per bottle than I used to

Is it possible to disagree with this? The price of wine has been going up with inflation and steady rises in wine tax.

Wasn’t so long ago you could get wine at £2.99, now that same wine is £5.99

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Did you get it as a randomly chosen member or because you ordered something?

I really don’t know.

I think they are trying to find out how much - if any - business they are losing to competitors because of their lockdown restrictions.

But if so, there’s a serious flaw, because the wines I drank in the past 12 weeks are mostly wines I bought long before that, so knowing I consumed X% of wines from Majestic and Y% from foreign sources doesn’t show that I bought them years ago.

I got the email too. I think it’s probably just a random-generated one based on transactions in the last few days. I haven’t answered yet. Might do later.

I’ve been asked to fill out questionnaires by TWS pre-lockdown. While that might be part of their motivation right now, they’ve been using this as a method of customer feedback for a while.

Sure re questionnaires; I too have had them in the past. This tho’ mentions the current ‘uncertain times’.

Fair enough! I’ve not received this one (although I’ve also didn’t buy any one from anyone until this weekend, so would probably tell them what they want to hear!).

Yesterday I got another email asking me to complete another online questionnaire…

two in a week!

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I’m getting jealous now, I’ve not had even one!