TWS on Twitter

Any support for the idea that TWS creates a Twitter feed that is just about product information. By that I mean sales, prices, EP offers, opening times - straightforward facts and figures concerning the wines.

Then the marketing guff (technical term) which as an elderly gentleman I find increasingly irritating could be left for those who want that sort of stuff. E.g. 12 days of Christmas, re-tweets of customer gushing, recipes and on and on.

I like TWS a lot and buy more and more wine from it. I’m not looking for entertainment just good wine at good prices.

Bah, humbug!


I don’t do Twitter precisely for the reasons you outline, but agree with your sentiments.

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Thanks Mark.

I’ve been annoying the TWS Twitter “team” all morning trying to get them to grasp the concept that not all of use want to know which nuts to eat with d’Yquem.

IMO marketing people in general and social media marketing people especially just think they know best. They’ve been on courses and everything.

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I spend my time trying to do the opposite of what they want me to…

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I think Twitter and other forms of social media both reflect and have helped to shift the way brands engage with their customers. Businesses increasingly want to engage beyond just selling you the product, and that means you will see fluffier content posted from time to time. They wouldn’t do it unless it was proven to produce results, and the average follower on Twitter is almost certainly more receptive to that type of content than you both are. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, it’s just the way it goes!

Incidentally, today’s tweet on the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ is asking followers to suggest the one wine they can’t do without at Christmas. That’s content that would not be out of place on here. And you can win a Fine Wine selection case. Do we really have a problem with that?


I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just not interested in it.

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I don’t care. I don’t use twitter.

Actually Twitter is quite good for the wine lover seeking a bargain.

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There’s quite a good website that contains all the information you need … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously folks, we get good engagement and ensuing website visits from the sheer variety of tweets we put out there, whether it be a cat or a child sat in a wine box, other people’s recommendations, press quotes, recipes, videos, service info, special offers or mailings, #twsrugbyscore, etc., etc. We also gain new members through our various shenanigans.

Other merchants have tried (and generally failed) having more than one social feed - it is something we’ve looked at and will doubtless review again but, being the most followed UK wine merchant on Twitter, we feel we’re getting the balance right - if not for everyone, then at least for many.

And @pgconnolly, we do enjoy your many of your Twitter interventions, honest! :+1:


OK let’s agree to disagree then.

Deleted FB and Twitter over a year ago, far too much crap, no regrets.

I still use Instagram as it’s easy to filter out influencers and other nobodies peddling their nonsense. TWS is really good on there, not too little or too much.

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Alas true.

That’s why I made this abortive attempt to get TWS to see sense. A simple set of Tweets when there is something to report, not just froth to whip up enthusiasm. There’s room for both, I believe, but TWS does not agree.

I actually enjoy TWS Twitter more now and am just waiting for it to be next level and evolve into wine twitter’s Wendy’s…


In all reality, simple information is what websites and emails are for nowadays… I certainly head to a company website / facebook to find out opening times etc

Twitter, Instagram etc are more marketing tools aimed at expanding a brand or encouraging loyalty. As @Ewan said, they gain new members through the “shenanigans” so it has to be a good thing for us all

Having said that, we are members so we are loyal (as we are tied in…in a nice way)

There is always the “un-follow” button or “delete app”

(coming from someone who tries to invent novel content for a rugby club’s social media whilst maintaining a sensible approach via website and facebook!)


Agree that’s what most do with Twitter and Instagram. But that’s not to say that all need to be the same. I’d like to see TWS be (slightly) different.

Some companies have a number of Twitter feeds dedicated to specific product ranges. TWS could accept that not all its members are the same and have a Twitter feed for - dare I say it - the older generation who know what they like to drink and are not looking for a social experience. Simple information - new En Primeur offers, bin end sales, new vignerons added to the roster - that sort of thing. All this could still be included in the main feed if they’re worried members might lose out, but for miserable old gits like me it would be a welcome filter.

Un-follow is not really an option, I want to know what the TWS is up to. What I don’t want are all the (slightly bogus) attempts at bonhomie.

W.r.t. to rugby club content. If you don’t do this already: 1) shamelessly steal ideas from other clubs and 2) every time you’re at the club do not leave without 2 ideas from other members.

Over the Christmas period compile a list of “On this day” to have up your sleeve for the future postings. What are old boys and girls up to - another list for “where are they now” items. For the price of a pint and as a rugby fan for over 50 years I’d be happy to brainstorm ideas with you


multiple twitter feeds are confusing for the vast majority and annoying for many too - from the “back-office’” they are another level of complexity when you come to plan

It also comes down to what you want as “simple info” is not necessarily what someone else will want…where do you stop; TWS red Bordeaux 2013, TWS SA Chenin Blanc, TWS Barolo EP ?

Thanks for the comments on Rugby SM. I learnt at a very early age, plagiarism isn’t a great way to go if you want to engage / involve - people have always seen what you have {cough} ‘borrowed’. Getting ideas is great (and some people do have that right mind-set) but not always easy to translate an idea to a cross-platform post

Having run marketing (inc SM) for last business I was employed by, i picked up some very handy hints from my marketing mentor. My prep consists of a s/sheet (who doesn’t love a spreadsheet!) with all the platforms and the season - they have defined post at certain times and then the rest is infill …works well

So most importantly…which club do you support ?


How so confusing? We all have multiple twitter feeds from different sources, how would it be confusing to have something called TWS Social and, say, TWS Stop Press. Especially if everything was in the TWS Social feed anyway so if you only want one choose that one. I think you’re underestimating the abilities of we TWS twitter users!

There are so few TWS simple info tweets that there is absolutely no need to worry about different people’s interests. Just took a quick look at the past 20 TWS tweets, TBH there’s not one I’d miss. They are all feel good fluff (albeit some are at least charitable). The only ones that just give “Simple Information” are one that tell us stuff we already know - TWS does half bottles and magnums and TWS does non-wine gifts.

So not convinced by your objections :slight_smile:

WRT to marketing, I think you must be in a tiny minority if you do not think other people’s ideas are worth emulating. Respect. I was more of a journalist/corp comms type and was not smart enough to rely on my own fertile imagination.

Rugby team is Bridgend (Ravens) - I’m not sold on the Ravens tag. When we were unbeaten at home for 2 1/2 seasons and providing 4 Welsh internationals into a pretty good team we were simply Bridgend.

Nadollig llawen ac yn blwydden newydd dda

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I really enjoy TWS social media including twitter Instagram and facebook. I think the content is brilliant and believe there is something for everyone. I also think having more than 1 twitter feed would be confusing to some and just down right boring if it were just there as a fact giving exercise. As previously mentioned, that’s what the website is for.

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Understand your pov - but as with most marketing, I don’t think its that clear-cut

“Emulating” - is that copying or outdoing ?! ;). To get ideas form others is great…but simply copying ? I’m sure you are being modest on your own ability - but there is. a big difference between the two disciplines of comms and marketing

Ravens - not sure why we have adopted this American fascination of ancillary names ! N’ton Saints here…

And a merry Christmas to you too (I could remember the Merry Christmas part from having had a manufacturing site on Anglesey many years ago…I had to google the "and a happy new year bit!)

I know I’m in a minority here but all you’d have to do is not follow the TWS lite feed. Just do what you do now. Everything would remain in the traditional TWS Twitter feed, just for me (and it seems only me ) there would be the option of seeing news alone. When you follow as many wine merchants as I do not having to wade through vegan recipes and the like would be a step in the right direction.

Happy Christmas