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TWS new member update + new wines to try?

Hi all,

I hope you’re doing well! How’s your weekend gone? Apologies for not having had time to reply to some of your mentions yet, I’ve been off ill but all good now - will reply to them shortly.

In case you’re wondering, my first month at TWS has been really exciting (albeit quite busy as you can imagine, trying to absorb everything) and it’s genuinely a pleasure working with such talented and passionate people. I’ve had the chance to experience a tasting session with one of our buyers (thank you Matthew!), I’m booked in for a few in-person events with our lovely tasting & events team and by getting to know more people in the building I feel that I’ve learned so much already. I can now say I understand a bit better your passion for wine, and HOW MUCH there is to learn - it is indeed a whole new world of knowledge.

I have also popped a couple of times into our beautiful showroom and, for the life of me, I can’t honestly make up my mind on which ones to try first! I have had a few good suggestion but I then remembered that no one better than you to give me some advice on which wines to try first. Would you be very kind to suggest me a few good wines for me to try (preferably varied ones) so that I can best expand my knowledge? I’m a total beginner apart from Portuguese wines, so I’m keen to learn more about Spanish, French, Italian, South African, New Zealand, (etc) wines.

Many thanks in advance, look forward to hearing you advice! :slight_smile: x


I’m not sure if you should have too much of a plan. Let serendipity be your guide.

I’d always suggest the various mixed cases as a good way of exploring a region or wine or style.


I’m not sure that asking on here will narrow your choice very much🙄


Funny enough, serendipity is one of my most favourite words! Sounds like a good idea, will grab a mixed case this week and see where it takes me :slight_smile:

It’s okay Ccouzens, not a problem at all - any suggestion is good to be honest, and I’ll make notes to try different ones every week as I go along using your suggestions as a guide :slight_smile:

Welcome Teresa!
I still haven’t managed a trip to Stevenage but am booked for a WS dinner later this month and am very much looking forward to checking out the showroom too.
Having just enjoyed a bottle of the Society’s champagne at the weekend I would certainly recommend adding that to your list: a great example of what the Wine Society does well by capitalising on long-standing relationships with some outstanding producers.
On a similar theme I would add the Society’s White Burgundy too. And one more just to add something outside of France would be this one from Spain which I am currently really enjoying:




Might be wise to give some indication of price range and style.

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Agree with Mike, but just picking a few towards the lower budget, good value, end of the range:

Pazo de Villarei Albariño - though currently sold out.

The Society Sicilian Red

Crémant d’Alsace Julian Dopff

Grignan-les-Adhémar Viognier Domaine de Montine

Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc

Dragon Langhe Blanco - currently oos

Brazin Lodi Zinfandel

Well, that’s enough homework for the first week.