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TWS List Oct19-Feb20 price increases

Might be worth having a separate politics thread to stop overspill into other topics. It does touch all aspects of our lives really so will inevitably come up.

I am very much looking forward to your message, I anticipate, in the spirit of TWS, that there is a good reason for the increases. If I understand those, I may be able to profit from some well timed orders in the future.


I’m sure you have now just told @laura not to tell you too much specific! Front running, insider trading etc…:wink:


I think my focus was about wine not polling etc. Never mind!

All you really need to do is buy 20 years worth of quarterly lists at £20 a pop to get a long term view of the society’s inflation.


Hello! :smiley:

As promised, I’ve checked with Merchandising and the Exec Team to get some proper insight into the price rises for this List for you all, and I’ve summarised the answers here:

This year has been trickier than usual to plan our pricing effectively against a range of issues affecting the industry. The various Brexit deadlines have resulted in increased cost for The Society as we endeavoured to protect member supplies against a range of possible outcomes. As well as duty rate increases at the beginning of the year, there has been some cost price inflation from a number of wineries, especially some of the smaller producers, but the biggest factor has been negative currency fluctuations. We do hedge forward six months, but it has proved very difficult to land on a planning rate that means we have confidence to maintain our position of everyday fair pricing – when we issue a price, members can rely on that price throughout the life of each List, avoiding Hi-Lo pricing practices.

Our practice is always to offer the best value in the market place and we track this carefully against a range of competitors in the industry. And history shows we’re still committed to keeping price increases to a minimum: out of the last 20 Lists (dating back to Jan 2015), almost half (nine) have had just 15 price increases or fewer – and four of those had no price increases whatsoever, including the last (July to October 2019) List. The current List stands up very well to comparisons and we are confident that we have the balance right, especially as our own surveys indicate that members’ satisfaction ratings for quality remain at a three-year high. Rest assured that if we don’t feel that our value credentials around an individual wine are strong enough, then we will drop the wine from our List.

That said, we have made some price changes in the latest List, having protected members from this market volatility for most of this year. The inflation in this list is 1.55% (weighted to sale), and the price inflation year to date is 1.63%. This compares to the 1.7% inflation rate of the UK market (according to the consumer price index in Aug 2019 – it’s fluctuated between 1.7%-2.1% this year).The difference between us and others is that these prices will come down should any of the external factors move in our favour. We have experienced a few years in the last decade when we have seen negative inflation. As a Mutual Organisation we will always use cash generated to invest in the business or to offer the best value.

In the meantime, we aim to be pragmatic and avoid price speculation, recognising that as we approach the end of the year, we have had to recognise these external factors and take appropriate action.

So there you have it! :slight_smile: Hope this is helpful.


Thanks @laura,

Makes sense, can’t be an easy job in these rather turbulent times.


i am in decline, i am 74 and as i am a firm believer I know from experience that death is not the end . So for me at least there is a bright side to decline. As Jesus turned water into wine there might be wine in heaven.


We might have the enjoyment of the wine without having to drink it.

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Absolutely no chance there’s wine in heaven. Decaf tea all the way.


Hmm … interesting blurb on the label then? And is heaven in the EU?

Isn’t Heaven in Charing Cross?


Back in the 60s I used to think Villiers St was heaven, but what did I know…


But decaf tea is not a natural product. Whereas water is and thats what God in jesus did turn it into wine. However in Heaven we dont have physical bodies we have spiritual bodies so wont need wine tea or any other berveridge including wine.


EU is heaven. The designer who produced the design for the flag was inspired by the verse in the Book of revelations 12.1 "A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head."

This i think is an indication that the ideology that underpins the EU and for that matter the liberal democracies of wester europe has its roots in Christianity and Judaeism .