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TWS List Oct19-Feb20 price increases

It may depend on the price bracket. Just had a look at the BWS web site, a ubiquitous Aussie wine outlet. For a Yellowtail Chardonnay the wine is cheaper in Oz by a couple of dollars ($10 versus £7 from Sainsbury’s ie. £12 in Aussie money). On the other hand this beauty is a bargain from TWS

when the 2017 vintage will cost you over £98 if you buy it in Oz. We have never felt it worthwhile bringing back wines from Oz on any grounds other than not being able to get it over here because it just isn’t worth it. The wines we like are already well priced here, and we don’t expect Brexit to change that equation. Could be wrong though, economics isn’t my strong suit🙂


try 6.5 to 8p per bottle

and that will probably be wiped out by ForEx changes


In Australia you have to pay 29% of the wholesale value in Wine Equalisation TAX (WET). See:

So for the more expensive wines, you pay more tax, which is why those can be considerable cheaper in the UK, having been exported without paying WET. So yes, don’t buy your expensive wines in Australia, they will be cheaper here.

Assume Yellowtail would be promoted to £5 though? £7 being ‘not on offer’

A great example of this was when I first arrived here 7 years ago. Peter Lehmann 2006 Stonewell Shiraz on offer in Waitrose c.£25 per bottle. When I lived in the Barossa I could have walked from my house to the cellar door and paid $100. Needless to say I picked a few up :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

Of course there’s also Trump to consider. He’s threatening to tax European wine. So less wine goes to the USA and has to go somewhere, what happens to prices? Doesn’t change my view on our EU relationship in fact stronger reasons to stay close to our biggest neighbours but a factor.

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He’s not threatening…they come into play on 18th October, along with a whole raft of other items (inc Whisk(e)y and cheese) mainly in retaliation for Airbus…so UK, France, Germany and Spain affected the most - Italian wine is not included in the tariffs !

The EU tariffs on American Bourbon apparently affected their market by circa 20% but I doubt we will see similar levels given the amount of EU wine that is for local consumption and exports to other markets (inc Asia)

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I would beg to differ? :wink:


Slightly off topic but Trumps tweet of the year yesterday :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: “I, in my great and unmatched wisdom”


One short step away from ‘Dear Leader’. He will be playing rounds of golf in under 60 shots next…


Was also gonna say that those meetings with Kim seemed to have paid off… not that he lacked in delusion before.

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I’ve flushed things with more wisdom!


Hi guys - just a quick note to say I’m chatting to the Merchandising team so they can give us their insight into the price rises, but it’ll probably be tomorrow or Thursday before I can get a reply to you.


On the topic of Trump, my perspective as a US citizen living in the US.

Not only has the consumption of popcorn gone way up since January 2017, but folks who follow political message boards and podcasts are typically getting through a 1.5L bottle of Chardonnay BEFORE lunchtime. This must be good for wine producers worldwide.


@laura Seem to be bombing you with questions this week - apologies! However, I think it would be helpful to get some insight to it and the various sources of price pressures…thanks for your efforts in following up.


Not at all! :smiley: Discussion like this is exactly what the Community was made for - just waiting to hear back on a couple of details and I’ll be able to give some insight. :slight_smile:


Well cant blame them with the depressing daily accounts of the leader of their country :see_no_evil:

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Some of them actually voted for him, too! :thinking:

We are in no position to criticise any other country’s voting habits :face_vomiting:


Oh, absolutely! Pot and kettle come to mind :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We didn’t elect Bojo :wink:, those fox news watchers elected theirs :sweat_smile: