TWS List Hyperbole

Simonsig Cap Classique Cuvée Royale Blanc de Blancs 2017

According to TWS’s list and website

This delicate, lemony chardonnay fizz spends four to five years on the lees

I am no mathematician, as members of this forum have regularly been proved, but 4-5 years on lees seems dubious. Definitely not 5 years, unlikely 4 years, considering the vintage is 2017.


From the website of the wine producer:

The wine is bottled to complete the second fermentation
in the bottle and aged on the lees for at least 3 years.

Hopefully just a mistake in TWS listing, perhaps @laura could flag it?


Having tasted it, I agree. I looked at the website before buying and attended the TWS presentation with the winemaker. I think I recall a comment that this vintage had spent a little less time maturing but I think the TWS notes had not been updated. The first bottle was still very nice though but benefited from time to open up a bit.

Ah, sorry about this guys - looks like maybe some details from a previous vintage note have snuck themselves into this tasting note, so I’ll ask the team to take a look and clarify the lees age time. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

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