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TWS Fine Wine List [January 2019]



The new fine wine list is now on-line. The Thymiopoulos producer focus have been discussed at length here.

Fourrier Clos St. Jacques case anyone?


Just a sec whilst I re-mortgage…


With only having had a quick scan of the list, I have to say it is good to see a really good Aussie Shiraz for sale, I can vouch for Rockfords Basket Press Shiraz, having drunk a couple vintages and still having some bottles of the '07 in my cellar.
Of those on offer the 2010 is the best vintage.


I think this is what I like the most about TWS. When they release some older vintages. Good wines that you know have been well stored at good prices.

Have ordered Ch de Fonbel 2010 and the Geisberg GC Riesling ‘09.

Sorely tempted with the Rockford Basket Press but not sure the Bank balance could take the pain!


It’s great fun seeing how many cases there are available of this case of 3 Fourrier Clos St.Jacques…currently 24…and then seeing how much of a dent one’s basket would make in a re-mortgage, just for the fun of it, you understand.

And I thought the Rapsini was pushing the boat out!


Thymiopoulos apart, the wine that jumps out a mile for me is the Envínate Ribeira Sacra. Never had a single Envínate wine that wasn’t lovely (including from Tenerife, deepest Extremadura and Manchuela), and the price looks very good.


…I couldn’t stop myself. There’s something hypnotic about the constant stream of offers from TWS that just compels me to keep buying…


Can I ask a potentially silly question? How do people see the number of bottles or cases left in stock? I can’t see this in the website am I missing something?


You’re not missing anything don’t worry! You just keep adding cases until it won’t allow you to add anymore therefore telling you how many are available :wink::+1:!
(Obviously doesn’t work when the numbers per member are limited).


Once added to your basket, always remember to then delete them before the next ‘real’ purchase… Or you could be somewhat impoverished.

Although you would have plenty of wine to keep you happy!


Just wondering if one consequence of someone putting all of the available wine in their basket to check stock levels has the effect of making it appear out of stock for anyone else browsing?

Would be a shame if that was the case.

Maybe one for @laura to confirm please?


We could do it empirically, too.


Good call! Pick a wine, let me know and I’ll check now.


all added


Still letting me add 5 cases, so maybe not an issue - thanks!

Quickly emptyies basket… :grimacing:


Poor @laura is unwell today, I’m afraid, but I’m delighted to see you take matters into your own hands so efficiently! Also reminds me - need to chase up that ‘anything over £1,000 showing as £1 when pasted into the Community’ bug :wink:


Good job you mentioned the bug! Was about to bag a couple of dozen bargains at £1 each…

We’re nothing if not focussed in our obesession…!


Enjoy your Clos Saint-Jacques people!

Settled for the Fonbel case (also have some ‘16 from EP) and the Rockford Basket Press case.