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TWS failing again - they forgot to order EP Clos des Papes Magnums


Just received an email from TWS saying that they forgot to order Clos des Papes Magnums that were ordered as part of the January 2018 EP offering.

I’m a strong advocate for the society but this is the 4th time in the last 12-months that TWS has let me down on an order on a product that is either a challenge to replace logistically and/or expensive to rectify.

These were bought as a birth wine and so the magnum format was particularly important to me.

I’m incredibly disappointed in the brand and feel that the constant “oops we stuffed up but don’t worry we’re a fun and friendly family establishment” emails are now beginning to get annoying. It’s also making me question whether I should be using TWS for important orders at all going forward.

It would be nice if TWS took more accountability and looked to compensate for errors; ideally by sourcing from external sources and/or financially for the hassle this is going to cause.



I fully appreciate your disappointment, and believe me when I say we’re as frustrated as you are by this really unfortunate occurrence, but I just wanted to clarify that we didn’t ‘forget to order’ the magnums. Unfortunately the domaine didn’t bottle the magnums for us after a miscommunication between them and the agent we use. We had no involvement in this - which is why we’ve only just been made aware of this and share your dismay.

While we offered either two standard bottles of the wine or a full refund, I completely understand that you were hoping for magnums given the celebratory nature of your reason for buying the wine. It sounds like you’ve had a really unfortunate run of unlucky encounters with us, so I can see why this would further compound your disappointment today. I’m so very sorry about this and hate to think The Society has let you down.

I’m happy for this post to remain so you and your fellow members can chat about this further - it’s important for you all to be able to discuss the less-than-optimal with the good, as it’s your Society, after all - but I just want to re-emphasise that this isn’t a Member Services channel, so I’d also urge you to contact our Member Services team so they can address your specific concerns in more detail, help you reach a resolution you’re happy with and make sure your feedback is logged officially.


Thanks Laura. I have contacted member services.

Given it’s “our” society, it would be great to know how have we been compensated by the agent and what have been the repercussions for them given I assume we direct a fairly substantial commission pool and there are a choice of agents?



What happened on the other three occasions?


Just said they couldn’t fulfill the order and would have to offer an inferior product since the original was no longer available.

On the 2016 EP offering it went from an ordered wine with a drinking window through to 2039 and the alternative offered had a drinking window through to 2027. Not much use when it’s bought as a birth wine. Even more annoying when it was showing as physically delivered in my reserves!

Not really much use TBH.


That is very annoying, I agree with you. Just glad it has not yet happened to me…


I have spoken with our buying team and they’ve confirmed what I suspected was true - like many of our suppliers, we have a good, long-standing relationship with this agent and they made a rare and honest mistake on this occasion.

I’ve also been told we have some other Chateauneuf magnums from the offer that might interest you as an alternative - if you’d like me to get someone from Member Services to give you a call tomorrow to discuss that with you, feel free to send me a Direct Message with the best number to contact you on and I’ll arrange it. Hope that helps and I’m genuinely really sorry again about the issues you’ve had in recent months.