TWS Exhibition St Aubin

I have some TWS Exhibition St Aubin from the 2014 vintage, having bought a case. Have to confess that a few that I’ve had have been… a bit underwhelming. I have a hunch that really, they’re still a bit too young - and TWS drink dates are known for being cautious.

I first tasted this wine, I think, when I attended a TWS meeting with members - though a considerably earlier vintage - and it was very good.

I notice, though that the 2016 vintage is getting mixed reviews. Do these wines need time - I’d welcome any thoughts!

In my experience, yes, they need time. It’s a fairly standard expectation for certain white Burgundies - they show as immediately attractive though lose that puppy-fat to become a bit nondescript. This rectifies itself (usually) in due course. Think somewhere around the 5 year mark for a St. Aubin so you should start to notice an improvement - albeit gradual - sometime soon.

No guarantees though. Sometimes things just stay uninteresting. But this is a Henri Prudhon wine I seem to recall, and they usually come round in my experience. In fact they are usually good for a good few years. I’ve got a couple of cases from the mid-2000s which are drinking beautifully.


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I purchase a case of white burgundy most years - nothing amazing but Olivier leflaive and JC Bachelet normally.

I have found in virtually all cases a “dip” somewhere around year 3 in bottle and lasting for 1 to 2 years

Recently tried a 2013 Bachelet St Aubin 1er Cru has just come out of that phase and now drinking brilliantly…it probably had 18 months of “mutedness” - not bad just not showing to its full potential

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@GuidoD - yes, I’m not trying to be anonymous, my real name is available to everyone here as you have discovered! My choice of User Name was more motivated by a sense of fun then anything, though I do have enormous respect for the work of Thomas Tallis. I doubt if he ever got to taste a St. Aubin though.


Back on topic…I had a case of 2011 St Aubin 1er Cru (not via WS). I probably drank a couple of bottles too young, and the last bottle I had about a year ago I reckon it was just about at its peak. I’ve got a couple left.

I recall that the earlier bottles drunk were a bit austere and one dimensional. 5 years I reckon before it comes together. We drank it last year alongside a Kumeu River from 2014 and the evolution was about similar although the Burgundy was 3 years older.