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TWS Exhibition Margaux



Does anyone know any details about the TWS Exhibition Margaux?

I’m aware that it is made by Brane-Cantenac but I wondering how similar it might be to Brane-Cantenac’s second wine Baron de Brane:

Similarly priced but the youngest vintage of this currently available is 2012 as opposed to 2016 for the Exhibition offering.

ETA: I’ve just noticed they are quite different blends so I guess there will be some significant difference between them.


Less different if you compare the same vintage, where Brane Cantenac is 70% CabSav and 27% Merlot. (from TWS 2016 EP offer notes).

If it was 2015, I would probably pounce…


Still available, a pound cheaper!


Thanks, that I missed. Margaux did exceptionally well in 2015.


Only 12 bottles left…


Only 6 bottles now… mind the 1* review though :slight_smile:


Thanks, @szaki1974, I didn’t think to look for the same vintage in the EP offer.

It’s interesting that Baron de Brane is not offered as young as the Exhibition. I wonder if that’s just that Brane-Cantenac don’t consider it ready yet, but leave TWS to make their own decision on the Exhibition version.


Overhyped, overrated and over here. :clinking_glasses:


how can you tell how many bottles are left?


I would guess that the Exhibition Margaux is a re-labelled version of Brane-Cantenac’s third wine - Margaux du Brane - rather than its second wine Baron de Brane.


Well the reason I asked the original question is that I’ve had and loved the Baron but not tried the Exhibition, I doubt the difference (as I perceive them) would be as much as 5 to 1 stars.


Possibly, though the relative pricing might suggest otherwise or TWS is a little on the expensive side which would be unusual.


I have nothing useful to contribute to this conversation but just to note that I have quite a few Baron de Brane OWCs at home despite having never tried it, as they seem to be always available in the showroom when I visit. They make great storage boxes.


Well it’s not the Baron as the blend is different. The Wine Society says the Exhibition Margaux 2016 is 73% cabernet with 27% merlot. Whereas the Baron 2016 is 65% merlot, 32% cabernet sauvignon and 3% cabernet franc.

So the Exhibition is either the Margaux du Brane rebadged, or a specific blend for the Wine Society, which is more than possible.


Yes, I suspect the latter. So we’ve essentially got four offerings from Brane-Cantenac. Too much of a good thing? :wink:


Try to add a very large number of bottles to your basket and you will get an error which shows how many are available.


It is certainly a lovely winery. Great wines across the board.


When I see your interesting commentary it’s when Bordeaux EP doubts creep into my head. Looks like a great wine in both cases, could go into reserves, no tax etc to pay and all the benefits of a wine society transaction on quality. You could’ve set yourself up with a mix also.
What to do come June​:thinking::slightly_frowning_face::persevere: