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TWS Exhibition CNDP

Just wondered if anyone has tried the 2007?
I have two bottles and they say on the label to drink by 2015.
I’ll have to open one in due course, but just wondered if anyone had experience of this wine?

Slight thread drift but…

TWS have a new Ch9 which I tried at the recent tasting - and its VERY good indeed. Will no doubt improve over a decade and more, yet highly drinkable right now.



Coop were selling the 2017s of these on clearance last January for £12. I’ve got three somewhere I think - great to hear your positive verdict :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t remember who made TWS CnDP back then.

Checking my notes, I drank my last bottle of Bosquet des Papes Chantemerle VV 2007 on Boxing Day last year. Here’s what I wrote:

Still got plenty of life, but pretty heady. The fruit is less vibrant than I remember, slightly cooked feeling to it. Decent balance though, but more mature now. Needs hearty food.

Looking at JLL DrinkRhone, the drink by dates for most CNdP 07 are well into the 20s…it was a good, sometimes a great vintage. I think that the chances are you will have a mature wine, with drinkability either side of peak. If you’ve got two bottles I’d definitely open one soon.

I have quite a few 2009 and 2010 which I’m slowly working my way through. Some of them aren’t ready yet.


It’s Vignobles Mayard.

That is a good example. I remember the first vintage I bought was the 2006 and it cost me £12 a bottle.

I thought it might be…I have their Crau de ma Mere 2012 which is a lovely wine.

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