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TWS email offers - A suggestion...?



Given the recent Ribera del Duero offer email, the interest it generated here and the speed it initially sold out; it reminded me of the lengthy discussion thread that followed the Chave Hermitage 2015 sale back in May. One key aspect that seemed to irk many was the selective emailing of the offer, particularly when only relatively small stocks of wine were available. Whilst that debate has been covered extensively in this thread and I don’t really want to reignite it; something did occur to me that may be useful to TWS.

When I received the recent Vina Pedrosa offer email I thought to share it here, but rather than rely on community members doing that I wonder if it would be possible for TWS staff to more systematically post the offers here at the same time as emailing groups within the wider membership? I know members setting email preferences is not yet possible within TWS systems, but this could be an equitable and temporary way around it for what is an engaged and enthusiastic community of wine appreciators? Conscious of also spamming the entire community, perhaps it could be done in the same way as the En Primeur discussions, i.e. an opt in to join the discussion group?

One criticism of this approach that I can think of, is that it might give community members an advantage over the wider membership – but given that the community is open to all members should they opt in, I think that is a minor point.

Hopefully a helpful suggestion to all concerned, but would welcome others thoughts? By the way a “TWS offers” tag already exists :wink:

Email preferences


Didn’t want it to seem like I was ignoring this, so just wanted to reply saying I’ve seen this, I like it, and I’m currently exploring the options for you. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a solution - thanks so much for the suggestion!


Good thread. I was very disappointed with the communication and distribution of the stock.

I saw the email when I got home from work and it had already sold out.

On offers like this I don’t understand why TWS doesn’t limit distribution to 1, 2 or 3 bottles per member to share it around.

It doesn’t seem very ‘mutual’ does it!