TWS Christmas Fine Wine List is out

I got this at the same time in the post as it came online. Sadly very intriguing… I have enough wine, but it will be difficult not to go for something… Felton Road mixed case if I can decide quickly? How do you find the list?

I think you are mistaken my friend. Enough wine?? Is there such a thing? :joy:


Okay, okay… so I have too many bottles, but never enough :slight_smile:

Agreed on all points! Great list, have too many bottles at home as it is, will probably buy something because there is just so much to get yet! :joy:


I have 3 shedfull’s of wine but like today, bought 2 more bottles.
Marcel, you are far too good at your job, especially at Christmas!! LoL
There must be a name for this disease, and before you answer; I only drink 2 - 3 bottles per week!

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I was just adding the Felton Road Collection to my Cellartracker when I noticed it was already out of stock… I did expect it to go quick, Pats self on back… No more purchases for me this year.


Me too!
Just signed off on my Christmas delivery, the poor WS driver had better be issued with a gym & a BUPA membership!:wink: LoL