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TWS Christmas Fine Wine List [2018] is out



It appears the Christmas fine wine list is here… if you don’t want to spend more this year, look away now.


Might be tempted by the Burklin-Wolf case… but no more :wink:


In the words of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare: “No room! No room!” :persevere:


Aargh. They got me again. I have no space either, but couldn’t avoid a bottle of this:

At that price and vintage, I’m in if only out curiosity, not necessarily expecting great things, but we’ll see. And then, if you’re ordering anyway, seems silly not to try a few more things too. Dow’s Crusted Port 2002 should fill one of the few remaining Christmas gaps…


Cheapishskate that I am , bound by my stubborn loyalty to French wines, there’s nowt for me in the under £20 section.:nerd_face:


Oh man, that list is sweet torture.

I mean, look at that Bonnes Mares. Just look at it.


Only the Bollinger 2004 RD, and at that price (£139 per bottle :open_mouth:) even though I know that I would absolutely adore it, I KNOW that the money would be better spent on a donation to Children in Need!! :cry::cry: So not £139 but a conscience assuaging £50 and a tidy donation to my local food bank. :wink:


Look but don’t touch…


It certainly makes delightful reading! Burgundy is indeed reaching ridiculous prices…
Have made up a small 6 bottle order for Friday delivery, including the next #Taste red and a few of the most interesting wines… If good, may put 6 bottle cases into Reserves for future enjoyment.



I feel like that Greek dude:



Etienne Gonnet 09. But I already have so much wine! Argh…


Just how good does this Gruner case look with the book also thrown in… it will also age for 5 more years easy.

I now successfully fought the urge to buy the Riesling case…


Still very tempted by the Riesling & Gruner cases…


Surprised no one has mentioned the South African case. I had sworn not to buy any more wine until the new year, but those whites just look too enticing.

It’s an amazing and broad selection though, bravo TWS. (I’m actually quite glad I don’t have a clear idea of what PC/GC Burgundy tastes like to be honest, it makes it that much easier to resist)

I’ll probably regret not buying the Gruner and/or Fontesteau cases too at some point, but you have to stop somewhere. (Don’t you?)


I, like most get excited at what the Christmas Fine Wine List might bring.
And I did succumb to the attraction of a half or two of the Suduiraut 1998.
But then I gave myself a clip across the back of my head!!:open_mouth:
Last January the Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Rouge 2010 was still on sale as is the 2014 today.
Later in the year the Society’s Exhibition Hermitage Blanc 2013 was available, the 2014 still is.
And the Gigondas Domaine Cayron 2010 was there for us until relatively recently.
One or more or all of these bottles would contribute to a Christmas to remember.:grinning:
I really need to give my head a shake!!

We really are served up an embarrassment of riches throughout the year on our list, irrespective of what we salt away into reserves from EP Offers various etc., for that “rainy day!!”

I could very easily be entered into the European Moron of the Year Championships, with a fair chance of walking away with the Trophy!:open_mouth::wink:


Well said, Tom - this was the section I couldn’t not buy from personally. The Paper Kite Semillon in particular was a revelation.


To be honest I had to buy two of them, as I’m pretty certain there will be at least one wine in there that it will break my heart not to be able to drink again.


exactly… I agree this SA case is also very tempting… so no Riesling, no GV and no SA mixed case… and by the way no halves mixed case either that also tempted me at a point … saddest about the GV case

having tasted old Fontesteau before that one is easy to let go… there is a reason it is so cheap


Some lovely stuff in that list, but like you it’s the GV case that has my finger hovering over the “add to basket” button :grimacing:

Tasted the Fontesteau vertical at the recent xmas tasting and it wasn’t for me either.


Browsing the list (on paper on a Sunday afternoon, as you do), just noticed half bottle of Nyetimber Classic Cuvee Brut 2010 for £18. Needless to say this piqued my interest… only to find online that it is the NV. Makes more sense of course…

The description on the paper is of the vintage wine btw, or maybe I am just too confused now.