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TWS Cardboard boxes

Hi anyone in around Ealing with cardboard boxes for wine bottle they don’t want please let me know. I’m moving house and need to shift my wine too. Happy to collect when convenient for you. Thanks

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I can’t help you but can make you aware that the society will sell you boxes. I had to buy some for a move earlier this year.

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Thanks Niall. Interesting. I called them and asked this very question. Not only did they say no, they suggested Amazon!!

I imagine that things have changed since Covid restrictions. My order was shortly prior to any restrictions being imposed. I now have surplus but they and I are in Argyll so not much use to you I’m afraid. Perhaps a call to your local Majestic would yield a solution?

Just to say, with very small modifications, the Wine Society boxes also make excellent packing/archive boxes. They’re very strong.

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Yes probably Covid is the issue. I’ve reached out to a few local wine stores so hopefully that’ll be sufficient. You did a similar move north to us - we’re heading to Auchterarder after 24 years in London

I agree with Grimpeur that TWS boxes are strong but still, they are vulnerable to damp so I trust that you will find a dry cellar with racking in your new home. Welcome to Scotland.

Good luck with the move! I used something very similar to these when I moved overseas…


15 bottles per box and pretty robust. I didn’t lose a single bottle in the move.

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