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TWS Calvados


I use Calvados for flavouring in say an apple sauce or a tarte tatin.
Neither Asda or Tesco stock it.
TWS does but a quality item at £37 rather than a cheaper generic bottle.
I would love to have access to a £15 bottle even if it was 50 cl!!
The reviews of the £37 WS Calvados indicate a degree of dissatisfaction. We can do better!!


Thought I’d try this again tonight. I don’t get the harshness that other reviewers are getting. Perhaps I have a better bottling. It’s on the lighter side, but a good balance and a wonderful nose; it would be great in a true normande.

I love the Wine Society website, but

I am a simple soul.
I just want a Calvados that I can cook with.


We buy ours regularly from Tesco - Pays d’Auge VSOP for about £15… Do you have a local large Tesco?


No, but I will enquire. Thanks.:grinning:


Morrisons also stock Calvados if there is one near you. £17 a bottle. It’s fine. They also do Janneau Armagnac which I am quite partial to once in a while.


Calvados (and Armagnac etc.) at that level are - par excellence - the sort of things to stock up on before crossing the channel back to the UK.


(apologies for moving this conversation - as it had several replies on a specific wine and nothing to do with the topic it was originally posted in, I think it is better)

Sadly I’ve not had this particular drink, but I’m not sure I wold support the idea of The Society stocking particular types of products, presumably lower quality, for cooking purposes specifically. This would go not just for Calvados, but Madeira, Marsala, etc. These great areas are already more commonly thought of as ingredients and being pushed down the price, and therefore quality, scale by supermarkets, it is good to have a place to find genuine examples. Whether this IS a good example is a different story, of course


Why not stocks some for cooking? It can’t be the price point, as even the ‘cheap’ varieties are more expensive than many of the wines TWS stocks and which we happily discuss here. Presumably no one objects to our using some of the wines in cooking? I agree with an earlier post that the best place to get these is the last hypermarket you see before the Channel, but sometimes I run out. No one is suggesting not having drinking quality versions, as well.


The spirits section is already quite thin on the ground (it is a wine society after all) so would be odd to dilute it further with crap versions rather than another good quality one.


I am not asking for an inferior Calvados, rather a better value one.
It would not be the end of the world as we know it, to have a little more choice.
We do it with other spirits, such as Armagnac!
My initial inquiry was speculative, obviously not universally appreciated.
I would not wish to inflame an inquiry that leads to a less than polite discussion.
So that’s me done, and thanks to @Inbar, I will seek a Tesco Superstore.


Sainsburys and Morrisons also seem to do one around the £15 mark, at least according to their websites.


Psst - ‘trou normand’ :wink:


meh, I’m not French and can barely string two sentences together in English :smiley:


It’s this one:

But we only ever find it in the large Tesco shops.


What luck.
This $500 bottle of Calvados from a Vinous tasting.
It topped the tasting but was not the most expensive, that was a 1939 bottle at $1250.

Here is the tasting note in all it’s deliciousness.

99 pts

Christian Drouin 1963


Fortified/spirits from France

Drinking window:

I’ve tasted this vintage in a number of bottlings over the past decade, but this one, 54 years old and bottled in 2017, was the finest Calvados I tasted for this report. This deep amber spirit is the one of the strangest, most complex spirits I’ve ever encountered. There are aromas and flavours of both forest and patisserie – butterscotch, pine, mushroom, chocolate, exotic spices. At the heart, however, there is the feeling on the midpalate of biting into the perfect homemade apple tart, which lingers through the miles-long finish. After my last tasting, Christian Drouin himself told me that he’d almost made the decision to destroy this vintage in the 1990s because it had become so undrinkable – a testament to how profoundly the aging process transforms spirits. (AOC Calvados, 42% abv.)

Not sure if this one is suitable for my apple sauce or Tarte Tatin!!:wink:

So off to Tesco or was it Sainsbury’s or even Morrisons?
Now where is that pesky Clubcard or the Nectar Card?
You can never find them when you need them!



Just off the N175 near Mont Saint Michel, handy if driving from one of the Normandy ports & heading to Brittany. VERY genuine Calvados: The younger 5 y/o bottles are all green apples and firey spirit, just right with a morning coffee… around 10 y/o seems a happy place where the apples are more yellow, rounded and mellow - very drinkable after a long Normandy lunch… push the boat out for a 15 y/o (38 E)and it’s fudge, cream & long overwintered wrinkled almost quince like & intensely aromatic.

They are very happy to let you try the range before buying - but beware because the price goes up exponentially with age

After tasting these Calvados, anything commercial sadly just wont do (except for cooking).


We have visited the Coeur de Lion (Drouin) calvados distillery. Very picturesque and excellent visit. Last time there, which was a long time ago, we bought a 1984 vintage to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Still on sale I note at a mighty €190. A bit more than we paid😯


You are all being a little bit naughty, now!!
But amusing nonetheless!!:wink::grinning:
When I make a pepper sauce for a steak, I employ Courvoisier VS rather than my stocks of Remy VSOP or better, that’s my point.


Ah… I see your problem Monsieur Taffy - you seek apple brandy to flavour an amusing cream sauce. We are talking about Calvados, ideally with a dozen or maybe 30 years in barrel, preferably farm produced.