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TWS 1970 Volnay sampling now at The Sampler


and 1966 Ch Cantemerle under TWS label, too…

Not the Wimbledon shop sadly… anyone tried?

Also observe the label in light of this discussion.


Funnily enough, I was doing some cellar rearranging last week, and the thought occurred to me that a thread on old TWS bottlings might be fun. It was prompted by the fact I have a half-case of 1970 Ch. Meyney. One line that pops up now and again in discussions elsewhere is TWS’s own bottling of a Cote Rotie, which usually impresses.

Did you try either of those, @szaki1974 - I guess from your wording you didn’t?


I have not tried the ones you mentioned either. I popped in the Wimbledon shop yesterday, but they did not have them on tasting, which I sort of knew. They do have a bottle of the Cantemerle on the shelf, but that at £140, no thank you.


Crikey! I paid a quarter of that for six bottles of the Meyney! Mind you, I guess their price comes with a merchant’s guarantee.


Not sure, most probably not? I will not test now.