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Trying to track down an old favourite from Cyprus

Matthew Horsley’s latest email about Greek wine reminded me of an old favourite that we used to drink in Greek restaurants in London in the 90s. It was quite a full-bodied red, not dissimilar to some Rhone wines.

One of it’s distinctions was that it came in a very unusual asymmetric bottle. Given the power of the internet, I thought I’d try and find it again, but I can’t see any such bottle anywhere online.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? If so, is it no longer available, or has it been put into a boring conventional bottle now. It won’t taste the same out of a regular bottle, but it might be worth a try!

All input most welcome. Thank you in advance.

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Bit of a long shot, but it wasn’t this one, was it?

This one was quite common in Greek tavernas in Athens back in the early 90s, and was one of my go-to bottles if we wanted to class up from the usual by-the-kilo-from-a-barrel-into-a-jug offerings. Not too sure it was any better if truth be told, but I used to like the bottle-shape!


It’s made on Cefalonia from Agiorgitiko I think ?

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Spot on! Thank you so much! Clearly I must have sunk enough to kill off the little grey cells that might have remembered it!

As for the quality, I always thought it was pretty good, but then I would have had an ouzo or two beforehand, so that might explain my fondness for it!

Many thanks again.


It is indeed Agiorgitiko from Kefalonia; not that I knew it at the time!

I remember it being actually a pretty nice drop back in the days; but the last time I had it, about 4-5 years ago in this country, I must confess I didn’t think so much of it. I can’t remember where I picked it up from, but I bought a few bottles for old times’ sakes. Its big point is its beautiful and memorable bottle-shape, as the creation of this thread proves!

Many very happy memories of it in Athenian tavernas though; especially one in Monastiraki that only opened in the winter and served interesting mezes and lovely hearty Greek “winter” food, with which this wine went very nicely, and very probably still would.

Thanks for the memories, SebHo :~} If I had to go back to city-living, Athens would be the one - truly the most magnificent place to live a while. Miss it a lot I do.