I got an email about another topic from Trustpilot and saw a number of less that effusive posts there from unhappy members.
So here is my hastily scribbled response.
Note, if you do not like it, then feel free to say so on Trustpilot.


I have been a member of the Wonderful Wine Society for over 3 decades. It has and continues to give, the very best service to it’s members of ANY consumer organisation that I have Ever dealt with. If you have a problem, they will do their level best to sort it out.

But some of the membership are of the opinion that the Society should continue to function through this primary stage of the Covid-19 Pandemic, they cite, other retailers, that are making hay whilst the sun shines! ​

What makes the Wine Society so good in normal times, is that it chooses to be different to other wine companies. We are more than happy to benefit from that methodology when it suits us, but when the CEO shuts down warehousing and delivery because that may put employees in danger, some members disagree.​

My simple question might be, would you put your son or daughter in potential harms way, to satisfy the completely selfish desires of a member who was adamant that he/she got their bottle of fermented grape juice delivered to their door? ​

My advice, go to another supplier, and good riddance!​

That is why the Wine Society is as good as it gets!!



Very, very well said that man. We’ve missed you :grin:


Personally I wouldn’t give Trustpilot the time of day…it either has fake good reviews, or a whole raft of moaning self entitled tossers if something in their view has gone wrong.