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I wrote a review at Trustpilot and took a look at The Wine Society Page.
I was dismayed.
Then I looked at the posters who made negative comments, and many of them had only posted that ONE review.
Take a look?!?


Don’t be dismayed, look at the overall scores - flipping amazing.

If you look at the issues all recent low-scoring reviews have been regarding its one thing - temporarily shutting down due to the safety of staff from Covid-19.

Any reasonable person reading these negative reviews will take a very different viewpoint - hopefully as a positive, TWS doing the right thing by their employees. If they are not an essential service and can’t operate safely then they shouldn’t operate until they work out how to do it safely.

I suspect most of these weasels will creep back to using TWS and if they don’t… no reason to care one jot :sunglasses:


good old “lack of trust pilot”

sadly so many of these systems are open to abuse they are almost worthless!


Agreed. They can be abused at both ends of the scale too. As with Trip Advisor, where I would get suspicious if there were no adverse reviews at all. If there are a couple of bad reviews out of 200 I wouldn’t be bothered. In the case of TWS, as noted above, they are almost all people doing a spleen vent/toys out pram re the response to COVID. We don’t want to start all that again now do we…?


there was this one where TWS was perceived to have sold 2011 Ausone above the market (even though it was within the range offered and accepted by those who signed up to the pre-order), which was interesting


Sounds like some disgruntled stag trying to take a quick turn on it. Hell mend them!

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The negative reviews mostly stated what they thought the problem was (the close down or the Ausone). That seems fair enough: presumably we all ignore reviews on any site which complain about something which doesn’t worry us (or which we might even consider an attraction rather than a fault). I don’t see any justification for people here to be unpleasant about the reviewers.


Yes, they seem genuine enough. A bit like when Amazon reviews of books complain about the postman, it’s easy to ignore the ones you disagree with provided they say what the problem is.


Incidentally, for anyone writing online reviews, I highly commend this as a model:


Without wishing to imply anything untoward (lawyers please note :open_mouth: :wink:), personally I am far more likely to take on board the views of a Trustpilot poster, who has a history of expressing a view.
When I see that this is their first one, the sceptic (Oh, surely not I hear you cry! :wink:) I internally speculate if they might have an ulterior motive. Perhaps they work for or are related to someone who works for a competitor?? Or they may be a disgruntled ex-member, although that concept is impossible, as Society membership is for life. But I am sure that you know what I mean.
And yes, I agree with @SPmember, there is no place for unpleasantness, we are as a Community better than that!! :pray: LOL

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That review is priceless! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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  • Ditto!! :wink: :grinning: -

Generally only when they are being unpleasant themselves. Be careful what you wish for.

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Ha ha! It seems to have triggered quite a debate too, hard to tell which are serious and which not at times ! I am assuming that the original was written very tongue in cheek which some others seem not to have realised!

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OMG, this is brilliant! :rofl: :rofl:
Love how “3,017 people found this helpful”- I’d love to meet them!


Are you sure? :wink:

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Then read the one star reviews! Hilarious.

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Compare reviews of TWS with reviews of trustpilot itself. To misquote (Twain?) “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics”


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I have written at least 6 bad reviews for Companies on Trustpilot.
I have just checked, they are ALL still there without a single word being changed.
I cannot speak for others, but I would not post there if I thought there were things being changed.
I remember one West Country wine merchant who was unhappy with my negative review, they said so and I stuck to my guns. Ergo - tough luck!!