Trip to Napoli

We’re off to Napoli for a long weekend on the 19th of this month.

I’ll be doing some research of my own, but if anyone has any local knowledge or advice particularly with respect to food and wine, it would be gratefully received.


I lived there two years, but it’s a long time ago now for specific restaurants etc.

I’m sure you know there are a lot of interesting wines in the area with its smorgasbord of interesting volcanic terroirs, including many of Italy’s best whites. I’d be looking for smaller producers rather than the big two (Feudi SG and Mastro).

A weekend is way too short to get more than a glimpse of what the Naples area offers, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy that glimpse :slight_smile:

I love the chaos and vibrant street life of Naples. One of Europe’s most unique cities, thoroughly sui generis! To take a break from it, go up to Vomero on the funicolare, and then walk back down the Petraio steps - that way you’ll see that as well as being edgy and fascinating it’s also one of Euirope’s most beautiful cities.

Personally I like the less famous Roman sites (of which there are of course many!) more than the big two (though I think both of them have seen positive updates in recent years, and they won’t be as crowded now). Try to visit at least one of the islands (probably I’d choose Procida), and definitely leave the Amalfi coast for another trip!


Thanks very much. My wife arranged the trip as a birthday surprise; we’re staying in central Napoli but it looks fairly easy to get around.

Don’t think I can devote the time they deserve to the Roman sites, but definitely keen to explore local wineries. Will also check out Vomero and the walk down.

The good wineries aren’t really local as such - you couldn’t really visit any given your timescale. But I’m sure you’ll find lots of good wine in the restaurants!

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I really loved the pizza at the pizza place from Eat, Pray, Love. As touristy as it is to go there it was senstational. I really enjoyed the ruggedness of the city in general which I think gets a bad rap

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Lived in Campagnia in the late '90’s. Napoli has lots of good places to eat; from street food to fine dining, but the decent wine of the region is inland from Naples. Think you would need longer and to hire a car to get to any really good wineries.

On a recent visit I liked Enoteca Dante, really good selection of drinks. (Piazza Dante, 18/19, 80135 Napoli).

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Thanks Nick, we’re staying only a km away so will definitely head over for a glass or two

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Oh, it’s a wine shop. A bottle or two then, marvellous!


They had a few things open to try and also have a bit of food.

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Thanks @suiko,

Walk down the Petraio steps was great - lovely views over Napoli and the bay. Negronis at the bottom made the calf burn of 1000s of steps all worthwhile :grin:


Thanks @NickFoster

Hotel messed up our early check-in so dragged my wife up there on the pretence of getting something to eat :wink: Nothing to eat in store, but the lovely owner talked me into picking up a couple of (relatively) local bottles, check forthcoming posts to this weekend’s drinking for details.

Lunch was addressed at a local pizzeria so no harm done and I have something to look forward to at the hotel when we get back :smile:


Great light!

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Best pics of Napoli… Head for the Petraio :slight_smile:

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Procida a great shout too. 27 degrees here today - perfect Aperol spritz weather after a gentle stroll round the island. Thanks