Trip to Menorca - Menorcan (or Majorcan) Wine?

We are off in June on a family holiday to Menorca, which I’m really looking forward to. Hoping to take binoculars and see some nature, and maybe even get out on some trails, but resolved, with, hopefully Zen-like calm, to spending most of the time at the side of a pool/beach as my 6 year old daughter splashes happily and makes pals… Joy.

However there is the regulation glass of wine in the evening. So I’m wondering if anyone has top tips for good Menorcan wine, or Majorcan if that widens things better?

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When we went to Menorca last year, we were staying quite close to Bodegas Binifadet (Ten minutes south of Mahon). They have a winery, restaurant and outside bar area (serving wine by the glass and tapas style plates). We didn’t eat in the restaurant (9 month old in tow!) but did enjoy a few lunches in the bar area. Really enjoyable, decent wine with a good selection of types. Worth a visit. I did also spot their wine in a number of places across the island, so worth a try if you see it.

Also in Mahon, worth a trip to De Vins in the Mercat des claustre. Lots of variety, including local and from the other islands, as well as the mainland.

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Thanks! These sound good possibilities. We might be able to manage for lunch some time. My daughter is in a ‘fussy’ stage but maybe we can persuade her to eat some ham of some sort by lying outrageously and saying it is just what she gets at home. You have all that to come! :rofl:

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I’ve never been to Menorca, but we spent a few days in Mallorca last year, and loved it. I assume Mallorcan wines are also available in Menorca?

Mallorca got some interesting indigenous grapes - Prensal Blanc (aka Moll) for white and Manto Negro and Callet for reds. The Prensal Blanc makes light, lovely and easy drinking whites, and is often blended with Chardonnay and/or Muscat.

The reds are really interesting - Manto Negro shares some similarities with Pinot Noir, being quite earthy, with cherry fruit, light in body and tannins and a fantastic acidic backbone. If you can find any in Menorca I highly recommend the 100% varietal from Bodega Biniagual. We had the 2016 and loved it. Their Gran Veran is another excellent one to try- a blend of Manto Negro and Syrah, aged in oak. These are the wines we tried at a tasting there:

The Callet is perhaps a little more complex, and I was recommended to seek out wines from Anima Negra. If you come across their AN1 (expensive) or AN2 (more affordable) - don’t miss the chance to try one. It’s a unique, aromatic, complex and very rewarding red!

Others worth mentioning: Memories of Biniagual - the red, white and rosé are all lovely wines, and great with the local food. And wines made by Bodega Maciabatle are good too.

I posted about the trip about a year ago, in case you want to pick up further tips from other people’s suggestions.

Have a fun trip! :+1: :grinning:

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@Inbar thanks so much. This is great. I’ll make notes and have a look at your post. Now all I have to do is find a winery which also has a soft play/ playground. My life would be complete! :sweat_smile::smile::rofl:


We visit Menorca regularly - but always associate our trips there with gin rather than wine. That said, the Xoriguer gin (which I love) is distilled from wine alcohol rather than the usual grain alcohol. So perhaps that counts!

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I think this news will make my partner a very happy woman. She is a definite gin hand. :smile:

Binifadet is worth a visit – the barrel room is impressive, dug into the limestone (if I remember the rock correctly), the enclosed vineyards are attractive for a walk around and the terrace is a lovely spot for lunch – but I wouldn’t set your expectations too high for the wine. We were there two years ago and tasted through the range. It was, bluntly, not very good wine. We did buy some of the dessert wine, which was the best of what we tasted. They may possibly be making better wine now but Majorca it ain’t.

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