Trevallon - views on?

Intrigued by this wine since spotting it on the EP list a few years ago… Now the 2010 is available to buy by the bottle. Judging by interest in this forum stocks may not last long…

Anyone tried it?

I notice reviews on Cellar Tracker are good but not amazing, similarly Julia Harding is positive but not blown away…

£45 seems a high price considering - is this mainly down to rarity, quality, or desirability? Be interested in others views.

Some fairly recently reviewed on Talk the Cork website.

I think the price probably reflects all 3 aspects in equal measure. It is a somewhat unusual blend, that has quite a strong following, made in relatively small quantities and is very good. The most recent vintage i have had was 2004 and it was excellent. I would think 2010 is only just at the beginning of its drinking window.

I have tried and failed to buy EP on a couple of occasions from TWS due to small allocations and popularity.

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I’m not sure £45 DP is such a high price. FWIW, I bought the 2010 EP from Lay & Wheeler back in the day at £300/12 and have been paying storage for the past few years. 2010 may be a relatively rare year too – I have not investigated myself but I do know a Trevallon nut who does not have any and wants some! The EP price has also climbed in recent years. The 2017 was £187/6 EP.

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And the 2018 is £216/6 EP at Yapp…

and the 2010 is 309/6 IB at BBR

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I’ve had several vintages of the red Trevallon. When it is on song, it can be great, which I suppose justifies the price. Not always though, but it’s hardly unique in that respect.

Never managed to locate a white, however - that one is a hen’s teeth wine.

A similar sort of wine - also sought-after - is Grange des Peres - it does have some mourvedre in the blend too I think. Oddly I have had their white (once) and it was sensational!

By historical accounts, these sort of blends were once more popular before phylloxera struck. They are by no means the only ones, but they are well-known and regarded.


Given the other Trevallon prices listed by @JamesF and @Cavafy, the society’s prices look excellent…

But I was also thinking more broadly of VFM, in terms of wine quality, compared to other wines. For example, for £45 I could nearly buy a bottle of Musar and a bottle of Cartology.

Maybe that’s not a fair comparison. Probably I should splurge on a bottle of Trevallon to decide for myself! I’m dithering, as you can probably see.

BTW @Cavafy would love to hear how you are finding the 2010’s - if you’ve tried any yet?

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In purchasing we all look at Value for money but we all have different thresholds for this…even more complicated is that we have different thresholds for different goods ie we (in this community) will pay more for wine than we will for a tv (comparatively vs average spend for such item)

It then becomes even more complex as you will perceive different VFM levels for different wines even - I will pay more for Bordeaux red then Red burgundy. My price levels for VFM in the Loire are set a lot lower than a “comparative” wine from the Rhone

The analysts would say you started the conversation to get justification to buy some…so…we all think its a good price and you should buy some! :wink:


I like you analysis James :rofl:


Not yet! Still in storage, unbroken, I’m afraid. We await your verdict with interest! I might buy a single bottle myself too, to see what it’s like.

My only previous experience of Trevallon was a magnum of the 2000 about four years ago, which disappeared very quickly among three of us. It was delicious but ‘fully resolved’, very soft tannins, so I’m interested to taste/hear how the 2010 is getting on.

I now have two bottles of the 2010 - I’m probably going to open one soon-ish (i.e. this year) and one maybe at some distant point in the future :+1:


I have a habit of following a producer or estate for 3-6 vintages and then moving. Great way to learn how a wine ages and how vintage conditions affect quality. Plus great fun organising mini verticals.

Trevallon was a wine I followed for several years starting with the 1990. Back then it cost £20 a bottle - which applying the Bank of England inflation calculator comes out at about £41 today. So in real terms it hasn’t increased in cost that much in 30 years - especially when you consider the price increases since 1990 in Bordeaux or Burgundy…

My notes on Trevallon are all consistently good - with the caveat it typically takes at least a decade to even start reaching its true potential. 15 years or more to get it to peak. The TWS drinking window seems very modest…

I’ve had the white a couple of times in restaurants but wasn’t as impressed - especially given the price. Selfridges have the 2014 vintage in stock if you fancy spending £74.99 a bottle.


I’ve had one bottle in a restaurant about a year ago, think it was a 1994 and it was spectacular. From memory the Sommelier thought they weren’t good in the early 2000s when they chased Parker points. Can’t remember if his view was that they were back on track in recent vintages

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L&W is selling the 2016 right now. Will be gone in a few minutes I guess.

Tried the red once and was underwhelmed. Probably not surprising as for me Cab S is a lower division grape! The white, on the other hand, waa one of the best whites I’ve ever had the good fortune to drink (at about 12 years old if i remember rightly).

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I’m a fan but the price has escalated pretty alarmingly and out of my range. I bought the 2010 red ep from L&W at 300/12 and just six vintages later it has more than doubled to 312/6.

I have a couple of the 2015 whites left, drank the other couple about 2 years ago and found them a little closed up and slightly smokey, your comment has made me realise it might be time to check in again.

I’d leave a decade myself :smiley:

It was £187/6 for 2018 via TWS.