Travels across the Peloponese

We are off to the Peloponese for 15 days soon and I am keen to hear any recommendations from fellow travellers in this forum.

Suggestions for a winery visit or two would be most welcome, along with restaurants.

Thanks in advance.

Yes we did some winery visits in this region in 2018.

I can recall with positive memories, friendly welcome, informative visit, good wines, English spoken…

In Mantinea…

Troupis Home - TROUPIS WINERY and

In Nemea… (Ayorgitiko central !)

Lafazanis Lafazanis Winery – Inspired Wines from Nemea
Semeli Plus fantastic views from their terrace !
Gaia (the same company as on Santorini)
Palivou Κτήμα Παλυβού | Αρχαία Νεμέα
Papantonis - this is quite a small operation with a cellar door in Argos, but for me was the best Agiorgitiko we had

In Patra…

The obvious choice is Tetramythos TETRAMYTHOS Winery - Tetramythos - TWS stocks their wares from time to time and possibly makes the best modern Retsina
and if you can get to Achaia Clauss Achaia Clauss : Από Το 1861 Οινοποιεί | Επισκέψιμο Οινοποιείο for the history it’s well worth it


I can’t comment on any wineries / restaurants, but just in case you’ve not been there a while [I remember you’re a bit of a Hellenophile like me], the Mani peninsula down the bottom has changed beyond recognition since I used to go there back in the early 90s - it really was an area that time forgot etc, and you could lose yourself beautifully down there; one of my all-time favourite bolt-holes, and some amazing snorkeling was to be had there. But time has very much caught up with it and there are new-builds & developments & AirB&B etc all over the place now. No more beaches alone with you yourself & you. Really took me by surprise when I was there again for the first time in a long old while a couple of years ago.


Sad that things change. I recall staying with country folk in the very southern part of Corfu in the early 70s. All gone now alas. I hope they have better lives as a consequence of change.


I thought I’d be self-indulgent and just post one photo, this is the view of the Nemea wine region from Semeli’s winery / tasting room terrace. Looking south west, the Mantinea region is over those hills.

I have many dozens of more photos of Peloponese wineries and vineyards on request… !!



We will be spending a week on the peninsula to the west of the Mani. It might be quieter.

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Methoni castle is well worth a visit - lovely place [if you’ve not been there before etc etc]. Very photogenic too.

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We’re just north of Astros and there’s no one here. We had an entire beach for us this afternoon. It’s a lot less crowded than I expected.


Wow - looks amazing!

Where are you exactly, can I ask? One of my sisters will be around that broad area next week and they’ll love this.

I’m at private Villa here.

Muses seaside villas are right next to it and they have 5 or 6 villas with access to the same beach.

That’s the access, btw. You go through a cave.


Thanks @NW3Andre

The beach itself is not private though?

ISTR that all Greece’s beach coastline is for public access - I believe it’s established in Greek law, hence the recent hoo-ha over some hotels trying to hijack beaches with their huts and loungers and so on.

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I think you’re right in this; but this is Greece we’re talking about :rofl:

The beach is flanked by hills on both sides. You can reach it by boat, canoe or kayak and no one can’t stop you from using it, but in order to access the steps that lead to the beach you’d have to go through the property I am staying. The stairs are not public and I haven’t seen a public path.


There is a beach with public access on the next bay to the south of where I’m staying. Lots of cars parked by the side of the road. Very easy to spot.

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Why is it that the best souvlaki is always to be found at the simplest roadside places in Greece?

This “cowboy” restaurant is no exception. Spyros makes honest food, prepared without fuzz, but oh so good. Just north of Astros.