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Travel to Italy - advice (Verona, Padua and Venice)

Hi all, I’ll be traveling to Verona, Padua and Venice over Easter. As I’ll have quite a few days I definetly wanted to add in some wine related stops. Vineyeard, great wineshop, good food… ? Anything people can point me towards?
Many thanks


I have a few suggestions; all en route.

Bardolino is under the radar these days and of course is scenically associated with Lake Garda, but a good and long-established producer just out of town in a rural location is Rizzardi, who have a cellar door and welcome walk-ins, they make the whole range of DOC Bardolino not just the chairetto Bardolino estate - Guerrieri-Rizzardi

Colli Berici DOC is a tiny region but worth exploring, I recommend seeking out AZ Faccin, in Barbarano Vincentino which has a cellar door at the winery. Roads up a bit tight for large vehicles, but very scenic. The DOC is interesting as one of the local varieties is Tai (aka Tocai) Rosso - which goes into Barbarano and makes a pale red wine; it’s actually a local clone of Grenache. They also cultivate Refosco.

Soave would be a must-visit, and include a walk up to the impressive walled castle - great views south over the plain. And in town you can visit and taste at Pieropan Pieropan - Vignaioli dal 1880 , they were happy with walk-ins when we visited a few years ago. I noticed, then at least, the cellar door prices were much lower than from merchants in the UK

have a great trip


Thank you! Most appreciated!

Venice… was crowded and over-run with tourists & pick-pockets when I was there - hugely expensive even for the most basic cup of coffee. Imagine any tourist trap you have ever visited, then triple the number of people. But it’s a ‘must do’ place to go, best in the evening when it is (slightly) quieter & much more atmospheric in the smokey narrow alleyways.

Padua cathedral is fascinating - various body parts of saints, wrapped in gold.

There are some VERY good single varietal grappa’s, can be pricey but you get what you pay for. For eating, as always I would advise ‘eat local’ - go wherever the locals seem to gather, then have the fixed price menu / dishes of the day.


Following up on @lapin_rouge comment about grappa, probably too far from your route to divert to Rovereto at the north end of Lake Garda but look out in the shops for the grappas of Distilleria Marzadro. Their Le Diciotto Lune is our favourite - aged in wood for 18 months (hence its name). They do a range based on different grape varieties. All excellent.


Make sure you watch an open air opera in Verona in the evening. Incredible.

And if he’s still there, the Ostaria da Franz in Venice is a brilliant restaurant. No prices, and the tasting menu (with wine) is in his head based on market availability. Brilliant, a must do :smiley:

(I’m afraid I have nothing much wine-related to give).


Agree 100% - but take a decent cushion if you’re up in the Gods, and a picnic. I have heard that the performers are now amplified - when we went the traffic drowned out most of the music.

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St Anthony’s Jaw & Tongue, gold plated, unmissable.

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When in Verona and very near the arena is this local eating place. Excellent food and wine and good value

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Thank you all! Lots to look at and research and book!

The open air Opera sounds amazing but does not open until June :frowning: next time!

Just whilst I remember, there is a really good and quite big (read also; expensive, it’s in central Venice) wine shop near to the covered market (Rialto Bridge area?). It’s 2014 since we last went, my memory is sketchy! :smiley:

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Thankfully only hand luggage on the way back…

Oh - If it was fully under my control where to go I’d spend half a day in Venice. But instead my family has decide to stay 3 night in Murano Island in addition to a week inland. :slight_smile:

I assume you have booked for the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua?


Not yet - looks beautiful. Thanks!

@Tomh maybe some help above here.

I’m looking at visiting Pieropan winery in April. With family so lots of limits on what I can do and likely only able to visit one winery.


Did you get any replies with recommendations on restaurants in Venice? I hope to be there in a few weeks, but travelling by train, so probably not buying (much) wine.


Nothing beyond what’s above. :slight_smile:

Might be wrong, but I seem to recall the back of the Polpo recipe book had some bar and restaurant recommendations for authentic ciccetti in Venice.

I appreciate it could be hopelessly out of date, particularly given Covid hospitality impacts, but if of interest I could take a look when I’m home and scan some pages over to you.

Thank you: that might be useful.

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