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Travel mistakes


There’s nothing quite like discovering, when you are already ending your layover after your first leg of a flight home, that you’ve somehow booked to fly back to Heathrow when you left from Gatwick, to get the heart racing. Literally just landed in sunny West (not South) London.

Thankfully we’d not left the car there (as discussed before we left).

I’ve even once realised that my flight was leaving from Gatwick when I was already on the Heathrow Express (quickest transfer ever was achieved).

Have you had any travel disasters this summer, averted or otherwise?


er…how about flying into ANY London airport on the Sunday of the August BH weekend?


To be fair it was better than Friday or Monday :wink:

… but I take your point. We were away three weeks and we can have an extra day off to recover. There was method in our madness … even if we managed to come back to the “wrong” airport


Not this summer, but there was a time when I was going to Africa frequently on BA. It was always Heathrow. So I just headed there without looking at my tickets. As I was getting on the courtesy bus at a Heathrow car park the driver asked: ‘which terminal?’ I looked at my ticket and said ‘Ah. North Terminal, Gatwick…’ The subsequent dash around the M25 was not interrupted by the police, miraculously…


:scream: It’s stories like these which fuel my paranoid quintuple-checking of tickets every time I take a flight! We’ve all done it…

My own travel nightmare came last year, when I went to check in online the day before my honeymoon flight to Venice. It turns out the flight company had cancelled our flight, but not bothered to tell us! :dizzy_face: A very frantic morning ensued, but we ended up being booked onto a flight from a closer airport which left several hours’ earlier than the original flight anyway, so we got an extra half a day in Venice. So it worked out pretty well in the end, but needless to say I ordered the largest possible glass of wine as soon as I arrived to calm my frazzled nerves!