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Transporting decanted wine

Inspired by @Brocklehurstj, I want to crack open a 2016 Renato Molino Barolo this evening.

The problem: We’re going over for dinner with friends on the other side of London.

Do I:

  • Open pour a glass and carry an open bottle of wine across London and double decant when I get there
  • Get busy with a octuple decant when I get there?
  • Any other suggestions?

This is also something I’ve wondered for BYO dinners/other places where I can’t just leave the decanter on the side for three hours.


I’ve previously opened a bottle in the morning, decanted the whole thing and then pored back into the bottle for transporting later with the cork stuck back in . Works well :+1::+1:.


A great question … someone turning up with an open bottle of wine with a glass already drunk from it would be a first in my house, but then again so would an octuple decant.

Edit - Leah is a genius.


Yep. We knew this already though!

Wine is now in a decanter and I’ve dug out a stopper from an old spirit bottle. I knew I kept them for a reason!


Took it on the metro too :rofl:


No-Brainer. Decant carefully at home. Rinse out bottle. Put wine back in bottle. If friends have got a spare decanter use that on arrival. If not take one with you. We have cheap LeClerc e10 just for this purpose. We do this at least once a month.


I would check the fit ahead of time. Spirit bottles don’t necessarily have a standard size neck. On the other hand, it’s pretty rare that you can’t get the original cork back in the bottle.

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Same as @Leah here, decant, rinse the bottle if it’s sedimenty, pour back in carefully and then jam cork half way in. I’ve travelled by foot with a bottle like this without issue.

If im not expecting it to be the first wine of the nigth I’ve just given it a vigorous decant on arrival instead, wouldn’t work if its very sedimenty though I guess.

I once transported, on foot, a bottle of fine Aussie shiraz in a decanter down the Severn Sisters road in London. Those familiar with this fine thoroughfare will no doubt be aware that this has probably been a rare occasion.


Did you stop at the Sir George Robey on the way? now demolished but was once a fantastic ex gin palace, all cut glass mirrors and pub rock.

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I have fond memories of attending some fairly rowdy gigs there in the late ‘80’s, and then it being derelict for years when I moved back for the area 10yrs later.

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How was it?

Very good. More mature than I was expecting and better for it. Red fruit and bags of acid and delightful. Unfortunately suffered from following the mindblowingly good Le Grappin Beaune PC Les Greves blanc before it. Comments like “the best white I’ve ever had” were used by several people round the table.


I have an “interesting” memory of a visit to the GR, hoping to catch the lunchtime Saturday jazz/blues, back in the eighties, when visiting mates in London. Unfortunately nobody had mentioned it was the N London derby and, everyone, was wearing red!

Deciding that running away immediately would appear suspect we ordered a round!

Enjoyed an entertaining if unexpected afternoon, tho my response of Pontypool to the inevitable query as to who i was supporting gave my Londoner friends palpitations! They were playing Cardiff RFC in the semi final of the Schweppes cup in fairness. Which took as long to explain then as it probably would now :wink: :laughing:

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Whatever method involves shaking it up as much as possible :slight_smile: A 2016 Barolo can use it.

Best bottle of Barranco Oscuro I ever had was three days open being schlepped around in a rucksack in 25-30 degree temperatures.

Not joking, btw :slight_smile: