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Transfers from other members & TWS promise

They are insured for theft, destruction, etc… not for TCA /I actually don’t like it, cue the promise

It would become a business activity and therefore they could staff it appropriately - just like others have done when they moved into that arena.

From a recent conversation with an auctioneer, the sending off to auction is mainly by estates of sadly deceased members…im not aware of the allowance to send to auction otherwise.

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Which sounds perfectly fair and reasonable - the same courtesy is extended to all members for all wines. It doesn’t seem anyone is gaining an unfair advantage.

I asked Member Services about this recently - you can’t, unfortunately. TWS reserves are only for TWS-purchased wines.

(Just in case your perusing didn’t get to the bottom of this.)


It didn’t, thankyou!

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That has always been the case (haha) and it’s a shame as I would like to move some stuff I have elsewhere in as I feel much happier about the long term health and longevity of TWS than other places. But you can move stuff from TWS to other storage facilities should you wish to, which of course gives you a little more, shall we say, freedom. I’ve not yet done that but I expect some have.

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I think part of the debate earlier in this thread was about the guarantees offered by the society (specifically the promise) , and how they fared with ownership transfer, and whether storage and insurance were fungible with the promise (cf Transfers from other members & TWS promise )
Or maybe I missed another tangent debate :smile:


I asked the same thing. Its a shame as they would probably get a lot of additional reserves revenue and I would like to have all my wine in one place until I can justify the home cellar installation costs.

I vaguely remember (through one of the lunchtime quizzes @kelly and @laura ran) that you used to be able to, so there’s some very old wines floating about in there!

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I would think a good reason for not storing wines from other sources is to avoid complications if the wine eventually turns out to be unsatisfactory.
If you buy a TWS wine and are unhappy with it you can ask for a refund. It’s then up to TWS whether or not to make an onward claim against the producer.
If your wine is somewhere else between the producer and TWS, then who is responsible if it turns out unsatisfactory? Potential for a fine buck-passing tangle there I would think. Unless of course you were prepared to use TWS simply for storage, but without accepting any liability for the condition of the wine. Probably not!

And then there is for instance the possibility that you have some of Wine X from TWS, and some from another, or several other suppliers. Some bottles are not satisfactory. Who is responsible for them? I can see why it is much simpler for TWS just to restrict storage to its own wines.