Transfer Deadline Day

In spirit with the Jan 31st football transfer deadline, are there any wines you would transfer out of your ‘team’.

To start the ball rolling (sorry, poor metaphor) mine would be an inexpensive Chateauneuf Du Pape (14.5%) given us as a present two years ago.

Transfer Deadwine Day, shurely … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a magnum of 2013 Torbreck Les Amis Grenache that I kind of wish I haven’t bought. The rest I believe in, maybe the fans want me to go…

Very good! Love it, Ewan.

I bought a mixed vintage case of Domaine Raymond Usseglio, supposedly a top CdP, a few years ago.

Haven’t enjoyed any of the few I’ve tried - too 'port like ', too alcoholic. too thick, too heavy, too grenache (snap) and I’m not looking forward to opening the remainder.

On a whim I bought 6 x Ch haut-bailly 2011 when it was discounted by tws (now stored in members reserves). It’s a lot more than I’d normally spend, and I think that £300 could almost certainly have been better spent wine-wise. Still, we all have our crosses to bear, mustn’t grumble, etc

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I have some red Blossom Hill I got as a present which would go straight into the transfer bin.
I’d let it go on a free transfer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m still trying to discreetly dispose of the last of a Laithwaites ‘big reds’ case that was a thoughtful but somewhat undrinkable gift. If anyone would like two bottles of highly generic Italian red with a nice label, which have been stored next to the detergent for the last two years, let me know.

Also - two thirds of a case of Bollinger in reserves, heading out ‘on a free’ via a series of bottle bags for significant birthdays. Too sweet for me.

There’s a bit of a theme on this thread re gifts of wine!
I have numerous similar bottles. Received a host of dubious looking CNDP on most recent birthday.
Will occasionally open one to see if I’m being too judgemental and wine snobbish - and in the hope I’ll unveil an unexpected gem.
Still waiting…

(The exceptions to the above being gifts of wine from friends who work at TWS of course!)


There appears to be two themes here i.e gifts and bigger red wines, particularly CNDP.
Is it because CNDP a well-known wine which the supermarkets discount heavily just before Christmas therefore making it an easy purchase for someone looking for a gift?

Perhaps a tangential thread should be what discounted supermarket wines to avoid. Can I propose Chablis and Chianti.

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Great idea, why not start it? Or I can spin this one off

I’ m in agreement on the Chianti and Chablis comment ! There are some SHOCKING examples in the super markets :scream:

Oh, those straw covered bottles…

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Ok, Robert. I’ll start it off. Title: “Wines to avoid?”

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Does anyone have any experience with the straw covered bottle of Chianti in M&S??

Normally the wine is dreadful in those bottles but they hold a bit of nostalgia for me and M&S don’t normally sell poor wine, esp not for £10…

@danchaq… ooooh maybe I’ll buy it for my Dad. He used to be quite partial back in the day to straw covered chiantis before he discovered “homebrew” :wink::wink::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: