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Tournon and Sancerre

Hi folks,

planning a road trip through France and on the way down we are night stopping in Tournon sur Rhone, recommendation in town gratefully appreciated or a winery to visit in the vicinity.
On the route back were stopping just outside Sancerre at place called Bue on the Route de Sancerre.

Does anyone have any knowledge, recommendation for a vineyard visits?

Many thanks

We spent a happy week near Sancerre a few years ago in nearby Pouilly sur Loire. Two of our favourite visits were to Domaine Vacheron in the centre of Sancerre and Grebet’s Domaine des Rabichattes in the tiny hamlet of Les Loges near Pouilly
The wines at both were delicious with the Vacheron’s also offering Pinot Noir as allowed by the Sancerre AOC (but not by the Pouilly AOC).

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Not been personally but my favourite Sancerre is made by Gerard Boulay in Chavignol and sure he’s open for visits, although contacting them beforehand would be advisable.

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If you are short of time you could visit the Maison de Sancerre where you can (pay to) taste a series of wines

If it is still there the tractor simulator in the garden allows you to try and drive through a vineyard. I destroyed a number of virtual rows of vines!


Many thanks the Pinot will be the key for us to pick up a mixed case of white and red.
So good advice thank you.

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I have enjoyed a Sancerre from Bue courtesy of Tanners - JEAN-MAX ROGER. Very delicious and consistent - Try them!

While most of the best restaurants are apparently in Tournon itself, if you wander over the bridge to Tain L’Hermitage there is a lovely little wine bar called Le Bateau Ivre. Very friendly and a good choice of wines to try and bottles to take away. Also good local snacks, but not somewhere for a meal

Tain itself has several wineries. Chapoutier is well set up for visitors. The local Coop are also quite highly regarded and have a cellar door. On the main square you’ll find (from memory) Jaboulet and N Perrin shops. Worth a walk up on the Hermitage hill as well. All in all I t’s a lovely place to spend a day

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Another winery we visited in the Pouilly AOC that also offered a PN was this one

Delightful winery and delightful people. The PN is of course from nearby vineyards not in the Pouilly designated area. A nice IGP wine but not as good (or as dear) as the Vacheron PN offerings which are very good indeed. On the other hand it here that we tasted a barrel sample of PN for the first and only time in our lives.

Tournon is the home of the legendary Bernard Faurie so if you could arrange a visit there, Hermitage nirvana awaits!
Just down the road to Mauves and the homes of Gripa and Gonon, the best addresses for Saint Joseph.
All imported by TWS so guessing someone (Marcel?) could facilitate entries!

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And- try and book Mangevins in Tain, just across the pedestrian bridge from Tournon. Best restaurant in town.

Really interesting article here from Benjamin Lewin MW on Chapoutier yesterday.


Thanks to all you wine travellers for some great info…much appreciated. Car prep this weekend and digging out a pair of gilets jaunes!

Thanks everyone for great advice, we had a wonderful trip and bought from the Coop in Tain, Vacheron in Sancerre and few gems from the Costieres de Nimes our turning point. 1600 miles door to door, cant wait to get back!


Just wondering if anyone has any good restaurant recommendations for Sancerre ? We are here today :wink:

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Only just seen this so hope you had a good meal Leah. Couldn’t have helped in any case as when we were there we were self catering in a Gite in nearby Pouilly.

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Thanks @JayKay, we found somewhere and then went to Vacheron :wink:…!

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Good to know that the trip is going well after the bad start!


Thanks @SPmember, it’s been slow with the Defender but on a plus lots of room for wine :wink:, we come back next Monday so even though we didn’t make it to the regions we initially wanted to it’s still been good . Thank you :blush: