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Tour De France 29/08/20 - 20/09/20

Ah, obviously you’re bringing him up well. :grin:

My wee one now recognises Marianne Vos and Annemiek Van Vleuten - she’s now quite rightly very feminist about some equality for women’s cycling. At 7. I pity any fool at UCI to come in her way if she ever goes into cycling…


Wow. What an amazing stage. Team Slovenia for the win! :slovenia: …pursued fast by what looks like a good portion of the population of Colombia… :colombia:


I’d love to see the Giro Rosa broadcast Live - some of the women’s races are so exciting - and this being the women’s top stage race, it’s a reflection sadly of how far we still have to go to see a real measure of equality. Things have improved immensely over the last couple of years, I’d happily admit that, and the Tour de France Feminine is now on the horizon according to UCI President Lappartient.


It’s about bloody time they televised the Giro Rosa. It’s quite bloody despicable they don’t in this day and age. It is somewhat to my pride that the Tour de Yorkshire has always been equal in prize money for both men and women.


Ammended Green Jersey Poll - who do you think will get it?

  • Peter Sagan
  • Sam Bennett

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Some people think this will go all the way to the wall - whenever the wall is.

A supplementary poll:
Do you think we’ll get to Paris this year? Do you think Monday could lead to a catastrophic exit of teams rending the race irrelevant?
  • It’ll get to Paris. Don’t worry. Be happy.
  • I got a baaad feeling about this.

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I guess the race for yellow starts in earnest with todays summit finish, and perhaps with the exception of Roglic, that riders with designs on the jersey are going to try their damnedest to gain time on their rivals. Wishful thinking maybe but I’ve got a feeling that Pogacar, and possibly a Colombian or two, might try something spectacular on the final climb.

As for yesterday’s stage in the Giro Rosa, the uphill white gravel track towards the end, on which one of the riders ( no spoliers ) lost all traction and fell off was mad. Don’t think I’ve ever seen roads like them, they made Strade Bianchi look like a walk in the park !


@Embee - is there any way to watch the Giro Rosa online??

I have no idea, I caught an hours highlights on Eurosport late in the evening. Highlights of today’s stage are on Eurosport 1 at 21:30. Eurosport Player might show coverage but I don’t have access so can’t be sure.

Just to tell people interested in the Giro Rosa (and you should - it’s pretty exciting) is - if you have Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial subscription for a week - this will take you to the end of the Giro Rosa (or further if you like it).


What a day on the tour it was yesterday …one of the best ever

Sadly I missed going through Beaufort due to a call :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just watching the highlights now, before todays stage…appears I still have some dust in my eye!


The last couple of days have been outstanding - the only regret really is that someone wasn’t able to take a chunk of time out of Roglic to make the next couple of days a bit more exciting. Of course, strange things can still happen on the tour but Roglic and Jumbo look like they have this fully under control.


had bernal still been in, I hadn’t put it past Ineos to have gone for it yesterday…does show you how quickly they can pivot their strategy !

I dont think there is enough of a stage on Saturday for much to happen tbh

Indeed, it looks like Bernal was at 95% of his best from the start and just slowly got ground down by the pace JV set each day - eventually he had to crack.

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Did people see all the Slovenian flags on some of the mountain stages? - Sounds like we’ve got another cycling-mad country thanks to this. Lovely to see.


Amazing scenes…

outstanding to be honest, Not seen anything like that for years.

Very happy for Porte as well.


I have been under the weather - daughter had a cold that I’d been fighting off. I was planning not to drink tonight.

That is going to be very hard, as I’ve just about peeled myself off the ceiling.

My heart hasn’t had a workout like that for a while.

Pogacar - wow. A true champion. Getting that, really giving his all.

Roglič - A Zen master. It’s a real test of a person to see how they react in defeat. I want to know all his secrets of how to deal with life. My admiration of him in defeat has reached new heights.

Porte - I am so glad to see him on the podium. I’ve seen too many scenes of him burying himself for others, for getting horrible accidents. It’s so good to see him up there.


:rofl: Just wow!

If yesterday was Pogacar and UAEs plan all along, then hats off to them - amazing scenes. A worthy winner.

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I don’t think anyone can have expected Pagacar to have had such a day…if it was part of a plan he just sit vey uncomfortable o a bike saddle with B&lls that big

Fantastic day…but will Jumbo Visma break the unwritten today and go for it !?

That would probably be more damage than gain reputation-wise…

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