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Top varieties (and blends) in your cellar

I probably need to start doing that. The central rack has started overflowing into the right hand wine rack.

My largest type by a long mile is vintage port, with Cockburn’s 1963 in the lead, with about five dozen.
In second place is Van Zeller 1983, with about two dozen.


You are looking in great shape. Have you been working out? Lost weight?

But really, well done on having such a beautiful stash of Cockburn. I adore the light almost tawny quality of old Cockburn. So much more finesse than those heavier brews. Mind you I think that quite a few 63s feel on a downslope to me.


Damn, this has put me on the job of updating my CT inventory… 3 days later :sweat: I am happy to refresh the numbers / proportions :grimacing:

30% Northern Rhone Syrah (viognier blends included … lots of magnums there cause birth year)
20% Burgundy Pinot Noir
13% Vintage Port Blend
9% Southern Rhone blend (from South Rhone only. Bunch of magnums in there as well)
6.7% Burgundy Chardonnay
5% Nebbiolo (Barolo)

and the shock at the number of bottles I have accumulated … :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:
Need to slow down the purchases…


12 degrees Celsius

Joining this thread a few days late; here is my list:


Top 16…I went so far down to make an observation

16th is Sauvignon Blanc

However I’d say that 1 in 5 bottles I drink is SB - so how does that work?

What’s in your cellar is not what you actually drink…in fact the opposite - its what you don’t drink!


Don’t think you’re breaking any lockdown rules at all. Surely it’s about support for others and keeping some sort of sanity. It’s a great idea!

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Thanks Gary, it is great fun and has changed the way I am thinking about wine. I am shit at it though!

Why? Why? Extra why put in because WS software demands that i have at least 5 chracters in a reply.