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Top varieties (and blends) in your cellar

I actually think my cellar proportions are about the same as my drinking. I’d guess I drink about 90% red! Very rarely does the need for white seem to come up and when it does, mostly sparkling of some form.

Always exceptions of course!

I’d be happy to see more white grape vines grubbed up! :grinning:

Might be viewed as a tad controversial that…


Blasphemy, indeed! :scream:


Back of an envelope stuff;

Port 40%
Red bordeaux 20%
Red burgundy 12%
Rhone 12%
Champagne 8%
Nebbiolo 6%
Everything else 2%

I’ve probably forgotten some things. A bit less champagne and burgundy than I was hoping but this probably reflects what gets drunk first.


quick look indicates as follows:

Red Bordeaux 39%
Red Rhone 14%
Syrah /Shiraz 11%
Tempranillo 6%
Chardonnay 5
Pinot Noir 5%

Balance of 20% spread across Cab Franc, Sangiovese, Riesling, Sauvignon-Semillon and Port.

I think the Rhones have increased given the run of recent good vintages and the Shiraz reflects the Australian wines brought back to UK.


At the moment my cellar seems to consist of:
Red Bordeaux blends 45% of which 3/4 is South African and the remainder is claret.
Southern Rhone 10%
Syrah 10% mostly Rhone, some SA
The remaining 35% is mostly made up of dry SA whites, German Riesling, Xinomavro, Red Burgundy, Musar, and Vin de Constance as well as loads of single bottles of other varietals.
Definitely need to get some more ageworthy whites.


Yeah I agree - it’s Riesling I’ll mainly be focussing on I think, along with annual Burgundy EP orders.


Like many others the top 5 are dominated by red wines, with one exception. No category has more than 16% of the total, and there are 28 different grape or blend categories in total. Top 5 account for just under 50% of the cellar, with the remaining 23 categories spread reasonably equally to account for the other 50%…

Red Rhone blends - 16%
Bordeaux blends - 10%
Syrah - 9%
Chardonnay - 8%
Pinot Noir - 5%

My plan was always to build a diverse cellar, but clearly I just can’t resist Rhone EP offers :grimacing:

Gamay, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Tannat are rising up the charts for the reds, and age-worthy Reisling, Gruner Veltliner and white Rhone blends for the whites.


40% Port! That’s a high number.


Looking at my list above I’m pleasantly surprised by my allocation as it accurately reflects my taste.

After drilling down into the allocation by country I have
France 58% (Bordeaux 35%; Rhone 12%; Burgundy 7.5%; Alsace 2.5%)
Italy 14.6% (Tuscany 7%; Piedmont 6.3%)
Spain 7.6%
USA 4.6%
South Africa 3.7%
Argentina 3.3%
Germany 3.3%
New Zealand 2.6%

I think I’m going to focus attention on increasing my holding of German and NZ wines (esp Riesling and PN) possibly Greek too. Plus any American wine that I can find that hits the right price point which is easier said than done at the moment.

Who started this thread? It’s only convinced me I need to buy more wine!

Unfortunately, when I was looking at CT, it has the total value of the wine at the top of the page if you have inputted how much was paid per bottle and my son saw it. He looked at me in disgust and exclaimed “is that how much you have spent on wine!!!”


It wasn’t me…


I like port.


That’s lucky. :sunglasses:


Thanks to CellarTracker:
Red Rhone Blend 17.3%
Tempranillo 11.9%
Chardonnay 10.1%
Syrah 9.5%
Sauvignon Blanc 6%
Gamay 5.4%
Pinot Noir 4.8%
Corvina 3.6%
Grenache 3%
Zinfandel 3%


What temperature are your ‘cellars’?
Do you keep track with a Max-Minimum thermometer?

Room temperature, more or less. Peaks at 21-25 in summer for short periods. Fifteen years and never had a wine that was past it or seemed older than i was expecting.

I use a cabinet, but mostly in bond. I think the British climate helps if you just store internally (the traditional under stairs cupboard idea). A different story in S France or California I suspect!

Definitely! This won’t be an option if things work out for me before 31/12. Best drink up!