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Top varieties (and blends) in your cellar

As cellar audits are en vogue… I thought it might be fun to have a look what people’s most stocked varieties are. Going on Cellartracker, this is my top 5…

  1. Pinot Noir - who would have thought… but a whopping 29%, time for a bit of self reflection perhaps (from 11 regions, mind you… Burgundy heavy true)
  2. Red Bordeaux Blend - a genuine surprise, I don’t even like the stuff, again there is geographical diversity with 9 regions
  3. Red Rhone Blend - unsurprisingly no geographical diversity here, although Western Cape features
  4. Chardonnay - White Burgundy carries the first White variety over the finish line, just missing out on the podium
  5. Syrah - predominantly Rhone I’m afraid, in fifth place looking over the shoulder as Nebbiolo is closing in.

There, this is as boring as cellars get I suspect. Do you have variety or just a monoculture?


Syrah dominant - 91 out of 324 bottles on CT are 100% or with a little bit of Viognier in a few cases

Then red Rhône blend (Rhône and SA), then fairly even amounts of Riesling, PN, left bank Bdx blends, Etna coming up behind


God… i guess if lockdown goes on much longer i might even get round to working that out :sweat_smile:

Depends if we are focusing on the stuff in the Liebherr, or in general. In my case at least, results will differ hugely.

Red… given the above probably Nebbiolo,
followed by Pinot Noir. Then maybe Mencía, Aglianico, Nerello, Xinomavro, Syrah…

White… probably Riesling, mostly because of ageability. More Austrian than anything else. Probably followed by Assyrtiko, albariño…


Good fun! A quick look at cellar tracker yielded this for me.

  1. Red Bordeaux blend first by a long way, mostly Bordeaux with some SA
  2. Red Rhône Blend, all French
    =3. Tempranillo all Rioja
    Syrah, Shiraz and Shiraz Blend combined
    Semillon/Sauvignon blend (sweet)
    Riesling all Mosel (manual count as have failed to add to cellar tracker!)
  3. Chardonnay
  4. Viognier

It will be interesting to recount in a few years as I have almost given up buying Bordeaux EP now.

  1. Pinotage - of course
  2. Red Bordeaux Blend - my first love
  3. Champagne Blend - I age Champagne and other traditional method wines; doesn’t include Cava or Prosecco for the obvious reason
  4. Zinfandel - ascended to 4th place thanks to a case of Once & Future Zin delivered from TWS a few days ago
  5. Montepulciano - Always have TWS Monte as it’s perfect with pasta, but down to 16 bottles now (+ 1 from North Carolina and 4 North Italian Monte/Sangiovese blends from Majestic that I was assured was Negroamaro from Sicily)

Not a single Pinot Noir as Mrs M won’t drink it, but there is a Baco Noir :slight_smile:


Haven’t sorted the ‘cellar’ out yet but according to my spreadsheet (and ignoring EP I’ve not yet received) I have:

Bordeaux - 32%
Rhone - 22%
Lebanon (mostly Musar) - 13%
Italy - 8%
Rioja - 6%
Rest of France - 9%
Rest of Spain and Portugal - 3%
Rest of World - 7%

Sorry, not being a CT user working out on grape/bland would be a real pain!

  1. Tempranillo (a whopping 23%)
  2. Nebbiolo
  3. Red Bordeaux blend
  4. Tannat
  5. Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc blend

Honourable mentions to Manseng and Malbec just missing on top 5 - Manseng probably would be higher up the charts, but quite a few Manseng blends are listed as white-blend on CT (And to be frank I just cannot be bothered to change them as much as I used to).


Red Bordeaux Blend 34.6%
Syrah 24.6%
Red Rhone Blend 22.5%
Pinot Noir 1.9%
Chardonnay 1.7%
Riesling 1.5%

Not much white!


Genuinely surprised to see Pinotage top one of these!


My other half is also a Pinotphobe - she refers to it as ‘that p***y wine’. I find myself apologising to acolytes whenever I relate the anecdote. :smiley:


There are a lot. Mrs M says she gets a bad reaction from them. I know a real wine expert, who ranthe Central London Wine Society and is a Pinotphile who has a cellar of top Burgundies and yet his wife won’t drink them for the same reason.

So those who attend his tastings get to benefit from aged fine Burgundies since he doesn’t drink them at home.


Ah ha, research! No wonder it came top😃


Pinot Noir 42.3 %
Red Bordeaux Blend 17.3%
Riesling 16.7%
Red blend (all Musar) 11.5%
Chenin Blanc (All Huet) 6.4%
Port 1.9%
Gamay-Pinot Noir (Lafarge) 1.3%
Tempranillo 1.3%
Red Rhone 1.2%

156 bottles currently, about half the number at the start of lock down, or so it feels…


CT gave me 47 rows, so definitely a variety - but no surprises where most of it lies.

  1. Syrah 25.2%
  2. Red Rhone Blend 18.6%
  3. Red Bordeaux Blend 14.6%
  4. Pinot Noir 5.2%
  5. Tempranillo 5.2%

(Rhone = 48.3% of my collection currently!)

The first 4 covers a lot of my EP purchases, othr stuff gets drunk quicker, so no surprise either what the next 5 are, given recent EP campaigns!

  • Nebbiolo 5.0%
  • Chardonnay 3.8% (all Burgundy)
  • Riesling 3.5%
  • Sangiovese 3.3%
  • Port Blend 2.9%

My current collection (it would be grandiose to call it a ‘cellar’ :smiley: ) consists of:

Pinot Noir (Mostly German, Austrian, Alto Adige and a couple New World - no Burgundy in sight!*)
Roussanne (as a single varietal)
Cabernet Franc (Loire + New World)
GSM blends (all Rhone)
Gewürz (Alsace + Germany)
Pinot Gris (Alsace + Germany)
Chardonnay (Chablis + Savoie + New World - no Cote d’Or in sight :grimacing:)
Riesling (Alsace, Austria, Germany)
White Rhone blends
GV (Austria, one from NZ)
Bordeaux Blends (mostly Bordeaux, but a few New World)
Syrah (Rhone, as a single varietal)

The rest is made of numerous ‘obscures’ or at least non mainstream- e.g. Chasselas, Petit Arvine, Trousseau, Negrette, Turbiana, Fer Servadou, Molette/Altesse blend, the Mansengs and so on… Surprised with the PN coming on top - thought it was Cab Franc.

  • Actually, I lied. I got one! But it’s an Irancy :smiley:

This is what CT says

Pinot is all Burgundy, Syrah almost all Rhône, Red BB is Claret, Red RB again Rhône and Chard mostly Cote D’Or

•	Pinot Noir 20.5%		
•	Red Bordeaux Blend 13.8% 
•	Chardonnay 13.8%		
•	Riesling 9.5% 
•	Syrah 7.5%		
•	Red Rhone Blend 6.5%
•	Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 5.7%
•	Nebbiolo 3.8%
•	Sangiovese 3.1%

Is there a report on Cellartracker to get this info? I’m not familiar with it.

You need to be on desktop, click on my cellar and then narrow results by variety.


CT not up to date… but should be something like that:

Northern Rhone Syrah (so with some Viognier in the blend): 35%
Vintage Port blend: 15%
Southern Rhone blend: 12%
Pinot Noir (3/4 burgundy, 1/4 NZ): 12%
Nebbiolo: 8%