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Top restaurants near Stevenage (after a visit to the Showroom? :) )


As a Stevenage resident (for my sins! Well, at least I have The Society…) and food fanatic I’m often on the look-out for good restaurants in the area.

I thought asking for local recommendations was a bit of a selfish request, but then I realised many of you guys that travel to visit our Cellar Showroom here in Stevenage then go on to have lunch/dinner, and might have nearby recommendations not just for me but other members planning a visit? :grinning: :yum:

Here’s three of my nearby favourites:

  1. The Fox at Willian
    A small village just outside Letchworth (roughly 10-15 min drive from the Showroom) which is home to one of my favourite restaurants. Gorgeous, seasonal British cuisine - lots of lovely game dishes and I’d highly recommend saving room for dessert! Nice wine list too - not sure if they do corkage though.

  2. Gangnam
    Not exactly in the most picturesque of settings (a little row of shops in Stevenage!) but really amazing, incredibly good-value Korean food which I just love. Also I think it’s BYOB?

  3. Misya Meze & Grill
    Fairly new opening (late 2016) but it’s a wonderful family-run Turkish restaurant in Stevenage Old Town (about a five minute drive from the showroom) and the food is delicious with a huge menu. Some lovely Turkish wines to try, too.

There’s plenty of others to recommend, but does anyone else want to chip in with lovely places they’ve eaten after a visit to the Showroom/if you live locally?


The Farmhouse at Redcoats in Redcoats Green (less than 10 minutes by car) has just reopened under new ownership (same owners as The Fox at Willian - above - and Hermitage Road in Hitchin, among others). Given the fun and quality of their other local offerings, definitely worth a try-out. They also have great comfortable rooms too, if you wanted to do an overnight after an evening wine event in The Society’s Members’ Room above the showroom.


Hermit of Redcoats nearby, is a very good gastro pub. their fish and chips yesterday was particularly good. Redcoats Green.


Sadly, Gangnam is no longer BYOB :cry:

Still wonderfully delicious food though!


@Justin Nooooo! :weary: Do they at least have a nice drinks list now then, do you know?

Also, while we’re on the subject of amazing Asian food, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Sala Thong, the beautiful Thai restaurant on Stevenage Old Town High Street (again, about 5 mins away from the showroom).
Especially if you’re going for lunch after collecting your wine - their £9.99 lunch menu which is two courses and a drink is astonishing value! I had some delicious calamari followed by out-of-this-world chicken curry (which they gladly customised to make it as spicy as I wanted) and a glass of wine - it was divine. :heart_eyes:


I don’t know unfortunately. I had a look on their website and couldn’t find any details… but now I’m hungry.


We called in at the local ASDA. By some distance the worst chips I have ever eaten.


Haha! As someone that worked at ASDA as a teenager while doing her A-Levels I can confirm that the restaurant food does not come highly (or even remotely) recommended… :smile:

However. if anyone is looking for excellent-value food that is also tasty and authentic, I can recommend the tapas bar in Stevenage too. Yes, it is called ‘El Bar De Tapas’ (seriously…) but it’s a lovely warm, welcoming atmosphere and the food is really very good even if it lacks the finesse of the tapas places in nearby Hitchin (who also charge about double the price, so you get what you pay for).

You can easily have a meal for two and a bottle of wine (or, as we did, a jug of sangria…don’t judge me!) for about £40-45. :slight_smile: As budget options go it’s one of the best in the area and often booked up at weekends - I’m just waiting to hear back from them about whether they do corkage…
Update: they do not! So you can’t take a recently-purchased bottle from our showroom in with you, but their wine list is very easy-drinking and matches the food well.