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Top matches for enchiladas?



I’m cooking this healthy recipe (I know, I know, that takes half the fun out of it!) for enchiladas this evening:

And I’ve got a fairly decent selection of wines in and wondered what you’d all recommend as your top match for this kind of Mexican dish? Chuck any/all suggestions my way and I’ll see if what I’ve got in is a match! :grinning:

Looking forward to your suggestions…


Doesn’t look like there’s any chilli, which helps. I reckon a carignan might be nice, perhaps this one?


Do you have any Gruner in @Laura? I think it would work quite well :+1:


A Gewürztraminer would be my suggestion


Gruner and Gewurz are both good calls. You could also try a Chenin Blanc, maybe?


Thanks everyone! I’m glad I asked now because I think I was erring towards a red due to the tomato sauce but maybe a white would be better? That said it’s probably pretty likely I’ve got a carignan similar to @tom’s suggestion. Let me dig around the wine rack a bit!




So, reporting back: bleurgh. The recipe was sound enough but far too bland for our tastes. I did add a healthy amount of paprika and some chilli powder (and a splash or two of red wine… :grin: ) but it still wasn’t rich or tasty enough for us. Next time I’ll probably add some fresh chilli, sweetcorn, a little cumin… just more flavour!

We also searched the entire wine rack and there was not one gruner, gewurz or carignan to be found (apparently - tbf, my husband Sam looked and our family describes not looking for something properly/thoroughly as ‘having a Sam look’…) BUT he did find the Gusto Monastrell (no longer available on our site unfortunately) and it was gorgeous. Kind of a match but probably more because there wasn’t much to match it with… :see_no_evil:

Better luck next time!


Shame! I find that adding a splash of balsamic vinegar and/or lemon juice - especially if you have tomato sauce, brings out the flavours of the spices you have added - might be a tip?

that’s hilarious … and is what we say about our kids. “Yes, you looked, but did you LOOK? Did you lift or move anything?”


Ooh, hadn’t thought of adding balsamic vinegar to a Mexican dish but I might try it! I did add lemon juice (it was probably the best bit haha) but I might also try a dollop of BBQ sauce to make it more Tex-Mex and smoky-sweet. :slight_smile:

Haha! Exactly. “Did you have a look or did you have a Sam look?” is used widely throughout both sides of our family now. :smile: