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TONIGHT: #TWSTaste: Italian Summer Wine Champs! [15th Aug, 8-9pm]



5…? Still, I see the appeal.


7 6 6 5


I’m a big rosé fan, but I’m giving it a 5. :frowning:

Maybe not necessary given the marks out of ten, but here’s a poll:

  • A Mano for me
  • Rosé all day!

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I think Contino has ruined all other Rose for me. I do like this but feel like it needs food


Is that what I need to try to unlock rose for me?


Thanks so much for coming tonight, everyone! It’s been a rollercoaster. :laughing:

Our next event is on September 12th and it’s going to be a comparison of Portuguese wines - one classic, one quirky! I hope you can join us! :smiley:


It is wonderful! Well worth trying if your unsure of rose :smile:


Sounds great! Hopefully see you all then!

Great tasting as always folks!


Thanks for hosting Laura. As always, really interesting to taste alongside other people.


Same here! Looking forward to September


Further update: Hawaiian pizza & A Mano is goooood!


We would like to join that one but are away in early September. Any chance of an early notification of the wines🤞


Ah, brilliant! Would love to see you at the September event, so I’ve arranged to have the wines put live on our website early. I’ll set up a topic now. :slight_smile: