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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



6 for me


Average of 6 from our table: highest 8 and lowest 4.


Awesome news! At Sergio’s suggestion I stuck a 6btl case of the 2017 in storage not to come out for another 5 years or so… So naturally I had to order a few more for drinking now!


That is one mesmerising gif!!!


An 8 from me. Keeps you guessing with new flavours in every sip but they all seem to work.


I’m going 6.5. Was going to be a 7 but every time I get a whiff of this wine I worry I’ve left the gas on.


That is outstanding work!



Just thrown another splash in the glass and I’m seriously getting that curry powder now. It’s that seriously old fashioned British curry powder that bears no resemblance to anything an Indian cook would produce!


Let’s move on to the red - everyone ready? Fill your glasses and let’s have a nosy!


I’m instantly getting a meaty savoury aroma. Very strange as I’m a veggie but I like it!!! :rofl:


Ooo, that is a lovely colour


bramble & vanilla


So, so spot on. It’s actually reminding me now of lukanka - the Bulgarian salami I had so often while I visited the country this time last year. It always seemed to have this curry-powder-esque flavour along with all the usual salami spices. Lovely!


I’m definitely getting sage this time. You know, when you brush against it?


Christmas! Plums, cinnamon, vanilla


Black currant and er church incense. A bit dusty if dust can have a smell.


Something of the old book too


@laura can you enlighten us as to who picked this wine for our Fine Wine Trade Secrets offer?


Mrs CC: petrol for me straightaway