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Tonight: #TWSTaste FW Autumn oddities [Thursday 10th October 8-9pm]



One shout for trying with oysters here


I’d have to say this isn’t the White that’s going to convert me. Quite easy drinking but, despite all the weirdness, rather unexciting to my taste which isn’t helped by the very short finish.


Dare I say “duck”…think it could work really well with the fattiness.


I had a skin contact Fiano which wasn’t too dissimilar to this a while ago. Had it with a smoked eel risotto (obvs) and it worked really well. So something creamy


Yes! Could be the perfect artichoke wine…


Quote of the party so far - I don’t dislike it enough to not finish the glass. On the other hand Aunty Sheila says she really likes it, and usually doesn’t like white wine. And would buy it if it was cheaper :rofl:


Aunty Shelia has it right


But is happy to drink yours…:joy: You sure she’s not one of my friends??


More than fair, but I hope you will get to try his Clayhill Chardonnay. For whatever it may be worth, it’s the best still English white wine I have tasted and I’m massively excited that the 2018 is coming into view next year - tiny quantities, alas, but sure there’ll be a heads-up on the Community when the time comes


Hi everyone, just got here, bit of a crazy evening but we’ve caught up with the posts and are whizzing through the white.

So basically, it’s a curry and a beer all in one glass, right?



Seriously impressed with everyone’s food matches - oysters, artichoke… smoked eel risotto (bit niche but yum!) - so many great suggestions. :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to this - can you give this a mark out of 10?!


My internet connection is playing up, and a supper guest has just arrived (great planning :roll_eyes:), so I’ll back out now and hope you have fun. See you next time.


A 6 and a 7 here.


YES PLEASE! That sounds lush.


I’m going to go for 7 - the smell / taste combination has got me thinking … which I like


Scores on the doors here: 7, 6.5 and 6


It’s a 5.5 for me. Must admit that I hate the label, but it’s a personal view…




Pretty much :sweat_smile:


6 for me. Slightly higher than I was planning to give. I actually think I prefer it now it’s warmed up a little (wasn’t that cold to start with to be honest) but finding a bit more gluggable now. Never been much for any mega chilled drinks mind you!